Don't Get Ghosted By Your Software Vendor


It was going great. You were getting along so well with your estimating software vendor. They flew you out for a personalized demo, took you out to the best restaurants while you were there, let you shoot an ace at that golf course you’ve always wanted to check out but never had time for. And even better? Their software had all the right features, and they said all the right things. After all this time searching, finally – you knew this was the one! 

So, you signed on the dotted line and went home, excited to celebrate with the rest of your team. Maybe you got some instructional videos to help you roll out the software, or even a few in-person visits and video calls when you had trouble figuring something out. But soon, your emails are going unanswered, and your calls aren’t being picked up. And the worst part? You’re still on the hook for another year…or more. Sure, you can refer back to those training videos a few times, and yes, maybe there’s a support line you can call. But those training videos won’t stay relevant to you forever, and even if your vendor offers a support line, it's often outsourced to third party teams that may rarely interact with the software you’re trying to use regularly.  

It's easy to fall in love at the beginning of any relationship, with people, places, or things. The true test of compatibility, though, is whether or not you can commit and keep that good streak going long after the initial excitement has worn off. Anyone can wow you with flashy features and fantastic promises. Not everyone will be there when growing pains emerge months down the line.  

Which is why, at Beck Technology, we promise that we’ll never leave you hanging – we’ll always call back. In addition to our personalized implementation, online community forum, and in-house support, we’ve recently launched an additional department dedicated to helping our clients stay on target with their preconstruction goals and maximize their victories. We call it our “Customer Success” team. 

What makes Customer Success so special? 

Members of this team aren’t just experienced users of DESTINI Estimator—they’re what we consider P1050200“master users,” meaning they’ve spent years working with our software. In fact, some of them, like Doug Maiden, have been at the company long enough to witness the very first prototypes of DESTINI Estimator. None of this is by accident. While all of our Beck Tech employees must go through training sessions of DESTINI Estimator, members of the Customer Success team must be particularly well-versed in the ins and outs of the software to help our clients also reach master user status. 

In addition to being DESTINI Estimator wizards, Customer Success is comprised largely of people who started their careers in preconstruction before coming to work for us. These aren’t people who wouldn’t know what the word “takeoff (should we use assemblies?)” meant if it hit them in the face. These are people who are deeply familiar with the preconstruction process and who will actually understand any challenges that arise, saving you time from constantly having to translate into layman’s terms or correct misunderstandings. 

What does Customer Success mean for me? 

The short version: you don’t have to worry about getting stood up. The longer version: we created the Customer Success team because we recognize that investing in a completely new estimating software is a massive commitment—a commitment of finances, time, and labor. While the reward is worth it, that still doesn’t change the fact that software implementation will always involve some adjustment.  

But we believe that good vendors don’t leave clients to do it all by themselves. Partnership is a huge part of who we are—in fact, it’s why DESTINI Estimator is here today—and that’s why, as you reach the end of your implementation, you’ll be handed over to Customer Success. They’ll be the ones checking in to evaluate your satisfaction of DESTINI Estimator, show you tips and tricks to not just achieve your goals but go above and beyond them, and make sure that everyone on your team is able to successfully access DESTINI Estimator. These check-ins won’t stop after two or three months, either—Customer Success will continue to maintain regular touchpoints until the end of your contract, no matter how long or short it may be.  

Ready to go steady? 

If you’re tired of having your heart played with in your search for your estimating software soulmate, DESTINI Estimator just might be your final destiny. Schedule a demo by clicking the button below.



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