Screenshot of Procore documents inside of DESTINI Estimator

Seamlessly keep track of your construction project data and progress.

This integration loop ensures you are using a single source of truth for project drawings as well as giving your building budget a starting point from your estimate.


Easily takeoff Procore’s drawings.


Push estimate data into Procore Project Financials.

This integration supports the Preconstruction Data Lifecycle!

DESTINI Estimator stores a ton of data. Our Procore integration transfers some of that data so precon professionals can build the Preconstruction Data Lifecycle.

  • Capture project info at every major milestone
  • See impact points during each precon stage
  • Predict costs with greater accuracy
  • Build trust with project owners
  • Better decisions lead to more wins
  • Build efficiencies, insights, and profitability

Learn More about the Preconstruction Data Lifecycle