What Makes Beck Technology Different?

All estimating software promises essentially the same thing Everyone has the fastest 2D takeoff, everyone has a software that saves you the most time, and everyone has the best integrations.

So how do you narrow down your options? We’ve got a few tips on things to look for in a software that you might not have thought about, and we even have an entire article devoted to making evaluation easy. But even with all of those tools, you’ll still end up running into the same question of determining who the best match for your company is. While we can’t answer that question, we can tell you that the vendor behind the software is one of the most important factors in whether or not an estimating software is your match made in heaven – and we can also give you some pretty convincing evidence as to why Beck Technology is probably that match.

What makes Beck Technology different from other vendors:

  • Priority access to resources beyond just the software
  • Accessible user experience
  • Hands-on implementation, training, and post-implementation follow-up

Priority access to resources beyond just the software

For starters, when companies decide to go with DESTINI Estimator as their software of choice, they aren’t just getting a cutting-edge preconstruction solution. They’re also receiving priority access to additional resources, such as an online users’ community where they can ask questions and discuss challenges with fellow DESTINI suite users, an annual conference filled with workshops and industry expert-led sessions, and other exclusive content.

Accessible user experience

On top of all of that, Beck Technology is committed to keeping the user experience accessible as well as relevant. It’s easy to promise flashy features and lofty accomplishments – it’s a lot harder to maintain those promises year after year. As a result, a lot of software might seem awesome at the outset … and then quickly become unusable after only a couple of years. To that end, Beck Technology has ensured that clients receive the most up-to-date estimating software through a number of ways.

First, we’re constantly talking to our clients about what they’re seeing on the ground and what they need. We take that input and bring it back into our workflow. In fact, one of our recent products, DESTINI Bid Day, was largely the result of feedback from both clients and prospects. Second, we ensure that there is zero delay in receiving the latest version of DESTINI Estimator by hosting it on a cloud-based server, so that teams don’t have to wait days or weeks for their IT team to coordinate with us to install new versions. And last but certainly not least, we developed an entire department dedicated to developing and testing new features and ideas.


Hands-on implementation, training, and post-implementation follow-up

We also make sure that we don’t leave clients in the lurch. Not only do we offer personalized implementation, but we also provide hands-on training in DESTINI Estimator. And access to our team doesn’t stop once you’ve completed implementation. At that point, our dedicated Customer Success department will step in to schedule regular check-ins and assist you with any other questions or challenges you might experience. That’s not even mentioning our incredible in-house Support department, who will (and have!) drop everything to help if a crisis emerges, whether it’s happening during office hours or after-hours.

Do other people agree that Beck Technology stands out?

We can proudly say that the answer is a resounding yes. Sam Lawrence, Vice President of Preconstruction at Findorff, said, “We had other companies where we said, ‘would you come here’? And they’re like nah, we can just remote in, we’ll do a WebX and we’ll be fine. But [Beck Technology] was willing to invest the time in us, and since then, the implementation of DESTINI Estimator has been awesome. Previously, we had implemented estimating software, and we had to do it on our own, and it was really hard. It took a long time. But to have [Beck Technology’s] team there pulling us through was really great.” Taimoor Khan, Vice President of Preconstruction at Satterfield and Pontikes, adds: “I consistently recommend DESTINI Estimator, just because every time there’s a new client, Beck Technology reaches out to me to speak with them, and I’ve convinced a lot of people to switch from their current estimating software to DESTINI Estimator.” We’ve had people toot our horn for us on places like Capterra and – would you believe it – Reddit.

Is Beck Technology a good match?

Hopefully, what we’ve shared in this article has helped you understand the importance that a vendor has on your estimating software experience, and the ways in which we believe we can offer an experience like no other to you and your team. But the only real way to find out for yourself is to talk to us. You can find a convenient time to chat with one of our sales experts by clicking the button below.

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