DESTINI Estimator

DESTINI Estimator is the leading construction estimating software delivering faster turnaround time and higher quality estimates. With DESTINI Estimator, you can pull reports, execute takeoffs, and see cost history all in one platform.

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DESTINI Estimator helps you win more projects.


A one-stop-shop estimating platform instead of dozens of different tools


Team estimating means you can have as many estimators as you need on one estimate


Active monthly uses of Estimator


Automatic pricing expedites takeoff and building an estimate in half the time

Estimating software that actually gives you defendable data.

DESTINI Estimator helps users take control of their data and build estimate templates as well as improve predictions, significantly cutting back on their margin of error. Estimating isn’t guesswork with DESTINI Estimator!

Data visualization

Get granular with data visualization dashboards

You can build custom dashboards that allow you to quickly see data based on region, material, and labor, among other categories.

takeoff estimating

Embedded 2D takeoff

Due to Estimator's vector PDF functionality, takeoff can be completed with half the clicks.


Accessible anytime, anywhere

Because DESTINI Estimator is cloud-based software, you can access your estimates everywhere.


Smart integrations

Estimator integrates with several forward-thinking platforms that support the Preconstruction Data Lifecycle.


Never get left behind

DESTINI Estimator is updated on a regular basis, and thanks to its cloud-based platform, you won’t have to wait to install new versions.


Comparison reporting

Users can compare current projects and estimates to previous ones.


Version estimates

Quickly locate estimates and use named estimates for historical cost comparisons.


Excel-like interface

Don’t worry about learning a whole new system - DESTINI Estimator comes with an Excel-like interface, without any of the drawbacks.

Less time spent fixing errors, more time spent pursuing projects.

DESTINI Estimator helps you perform in-depth data analysis, and develop estimate templates so you can get through projects quicker.


Cloud-Based Software

You’ll have the latest version of DESTINI Estimator at your fingertips wherever you are.


Unlimited Sorting

Users can create an endless number of sorting fields in Estimator, allowing them to sort their estimates in a variety of ways.


Historical Cost

Estimator has a historical cost integration with Power BI to view a portfolio of projects’ data.


Automatic Pricing

Allows you to “dip your pen” in the cost database or estimate and sketch the quantity of that item in one seamless process.

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Balfour Beatty Construction logo

Learn how Balfour Beatty used team estimating and cost history to help create a consistent, recognizable estimate for all of their offices.

Balfour Beatty was using eleven different tools prior to switching to DESTINI Estimator. They decided to make the change to increase consistency in their product presentation, to better utilize cost history data, and to help train their junior estimators.

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See what DESTINI Estimator can do for you

With DESTINI Estimator, you’ll have accurate estimates available in half the time. See the hours and dollars that it can save you today and decide if it’s worth more project wins.

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