Beyond Beck Tech’s Help Desk

How many different software do you work in? 

How many of those programs are perfect?  

How often can you call up one of those software providers and ask them to change the software?  

Beck Technology was founded to fix common problems in construction. We are dedicated to continuously updating our products to meet the changing needs and keep up with the evolving landscape of the industry.  

The best way we can do this is by maintaining close relationships with our customers.  

When you sign on to DESTINI Estimator, you aren’t just getting the best estimating software, you’re getting a collaborative partner for the duration of your contract.  

To receive your feedback, serve as your sounding board, act as your training guide, and help you get the most out of the DESTINI suite of construction software, we have an entire team called Customer Success to serve you. This team is separate from tech support and sets regular meetings with your preconstruction team, so we know what issues and successes you are having with our software.  

Your Customer Success rep is one of the many ways in which you can send us feedback. And rest assured, we take that feedback seriously. 

Case in point is Gilbane Building Company, a champion of DESTINI Estimator and our customer since 2018.  

One of Gilbane’s estimators ran into an accessibility issue when working in DESTINI Estimator. Using an onscreen keyboard, it was challenging for them to pan while doing 2D takeoff in Estimator.  

This issue was significantly hindering them from performing their regular tasks, so we switched into high gear to speed up our version updating process to fix this issue.  

Because the issue was specific, we made sure to work directly with the user on how best to upgrade the functionality. 

Beck Tech’s development team was proud and humbled when working on this project. 

The DESTINI suite of preconstruction software is not plug and play software. And we don’t intend for it be. The robustness of the system is designed to be flexible so that it works with you and not the other way around. 

To learn more about how DESTINI Estimator was adapted to fit Gilbane Building Company’s specific needs and how you too can benefit from our meticulous customer support, read the entire case study here.


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