Beck Technology’s Development Process

Welcome to a peak behind the development curtain at Beck Technology. Actually, that sounds SUPER secretive, and our process is not a secret. As a matter of fact, we have it posted on our Help Center
We are constantly developing and improving the DESTINI platform. We are passionate about making estimating software better and as the construction industry evolves, we make sure our technology is leading the industry. Because if our software is leading the industry then our users are leading the industry through their use of our technology. It is a happy win-win loop!  

While some people think we may have Dorothy’s ruby slippers that give us magical powers to develop forward-thinking technology, it is actually people like you that give us feedback on how the technology could be better, changes to workflows, and demands from projects. Beck Technology thrives because we have open communication with our users, and we actually listen to what preconstruction professionals need. Read on to understand Beck Technology’s product development process. 

In Planningcasestudy - Copy

Our product teams have an extensive list of features and functionality that they want to get into our DESTINI platform. However, just like with any large, complex undertaking, each one has to be prioritized and thought out. This is where our DESTINI user feedback is vital!

This part of the process is reliant on what customers tell us in one-on-one sessions, through support ticket submissions, and bubbles up during implementations. Our customers help set the guardrails for our development so we are laser-focused on the items that will give them the most benefit as early as possible.  

We believe transparency helps build trust which is why we show our major projects in our “In Planning” category on our Help Center. These projects are slated to come to fruition over the next 18 months. During this phase of our development process, our Innovation Labs are noodling on the functionality, talking with customers about their needs/wants, and ensuring these ideas will work with our full DESTINI platform.

Our Development teams are also planning feature sets and building the groundwork to tackle these items. And several other internal teams are working behind the scenes to prepare the company for these features (for example, the Marketing department drafts all value propositions). 

In Development

Once a feature is in this part of our development process our software engineering teams are off the races! Our Development leadership sets milestones and rallies the team to build features and test new builds.

P1050131At Beck Technology, we use agile software development to create our software. It speeds up our time to delivery while also catching smaller items that could have fallen through process cracks. We actually deploy agile methodology across Beck Technology because we have seen firsthand how the process is efficient and effective. 

When we have features In Development, it is highly important to get user feedback throughout the process. We utilize advisory customers for specific features (those features are VERY important to their business) and they have the opportunity to help Beck Technology create technology that fits their business needs while also making the construction industry better through it all. Again, the feedback loop is important, and we shine a light on it during this portion of our product development. We do a lot of internal product testing during this time.

Pre-Production Environment

Our Pre-Production Environment is also known as PPE at Beck Technology. PPE is where our users get to do feature testing in a sandbox environment before the features are released to every DESTINI user. Software development is not a clean, linear process and PPE will help uncover bugs in the DESTINI platform that our internal testing was not able to find due to IT environment setups, unique workflows, and tailored database information.  

“Beck Technology is extremely responsive and fully supports the product.” -Capterra review

Our PPE testers get their hands on the technology first, provide feedback on usability, performance, and reliability, and continue to contribute to building an estimating software that is ideal for preconstruction professionals. This phase of our development process will help make the software “hit the ground running” when it is officially released.

Better Relationships for Everyone

Beck Technology’s development process is designed to build trust and encourage open communication with customers. We are crazy excited about our upcoming feature releases, and we know our users are excited, too. Receiving constructive feedback on our features is how we are able to create software that is exactly what is needed for construction today and in the future.  

“Great technical support and a willingness to evolve and take on board feedback for development needs.” -Capterra review 

We are adamant that we have superior estimating software. We are also adamant that we have the best users on our DESTINI platform every day. And one doesn’t happen without the other. We yearn for a close collaborative relationship with our users and our development process is a testament to that focus. 



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