How to Use Technology to Stay Competitive in Preconstruction

Precon is an incredibly fast-paced environment. You need to turn out information quicker than ever. To keep up with your competitors, you must be as efficient as possible. Using multiple outdated tools creates time deficiencies and data silos that hold the team back from handing over high-quality deliverables on time.

For example, when using Excel for estimating, the information is totally disorganized. You can’t use it for future benchmarking. Data is the key to benchmarking and utilizing cost history improves the overall quality of your estimates—which Excel doesn’t allow you to do.

Taimoor Khan, Vice President of Preconstruction at Satterfield & Pontikes and Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston, explains how innovative preconstruction software has helped improve his team’s process. He says that before implementing DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software, his team took 2 to 3 weeks to produce an estimate. After implementing Estimator, they have cut down their time to create an estimate to 1 to 1-1/2 weeks. In certain cases, he’s been able to cut his estimating time by 50%. This has enabled Taimoor’s preconstruction team to double the number of estimates they can create.

A faster turnaround time for accurate deliverables isn’t the only benefit Taimoor has seen by streamlining his preconstruction process. DESTINI Estimator also allows him and his team to solve problems proactively and improve communication with owners and the design team.

To hear all the ways in which DESTINI Estimator has helped them stay competitive, watch our conversation below.

Taimoor has worked in preconstruction for 20 years working his way up from estimator to Director and now Vice President of preconstruction. He is a master user and champion of DESTINI Estimator estimating software and has introduced multiple companies to the DESTINI suite of preconstruction tools 

In 2015, Beck Technology provided Taimoor with a free license to the first version of DESTINI Estimator to test and provide feedback as the software was developed. Our partnership with him was essential in creating the best construction estimating software.

Throughout his career, Taimoor has always been technologically minded. He says that every 2 to 3 months, we see something new in the industry, and general contractors, as well as technology creators, must keep innovating.

He says, “you have to be efficient. If you’re using older processes or estimating software, you’re not going to be able to meet the needs of businesses today.”

Implementing cutting edge estimating software and other construction technology makes your life easier, makes you more efficient, improves communication, improves the quality of your deliverables, improves the owner’s experience, and improves the finished project.

That’s a lot of improvement that will keep you competitive!

When your team can produce an accurate, defendable estimate on time and within budget, and still have time to pursue new projects, your company will soon gain the reputation of providing an experience that owners will want to give you repeat work.

If you would like to see how DESTINI Estimator can work for you, click the button below.

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