DESTINI Estimator vs Microsoft Excel Webinar

Quick. Name three things you love about Excel. 

Now, name three things you hate about Excel. 

Finally, what are three things you wish Excel had?  

If your answers to that third question sound something like this, “I wish I could easily recall cost history data and leverage it properly. I am sick of spending so much time moving information around. It would just be easier and more efficient if I could accomplish everything I needed to do in one platform,” then you don’t want to miss what we’re about to tell you.  

What if we told you there was a one-stop-shop solution to the “nightmarish” and “cumbersome” features of Excel (real words from real estimators like you), would you believe us? Because it’s true and it’s here, baby! 

DESTINI Estimator is a fully integrated construction estimating software with all your necessary workflows built in right in, including: 

  • 2D and 3D takeoff 
  • Cost history database 
  • Estimate comparisons 
  • Dashboards and customized reporting
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Self-perform estimating
  • Estimate versioning
  • Multi-user access

Excel is a very powerful tool. That’s why so many construction estimators use it. It is also very problematic. Especially when multimillion-dollar mistakes are made. Beck Technology has taken the flexibility of Excel into DESTINI Estimator and filled in a ton of those gaps Excel has when you use it for estimating.  

Excel was released in 1987 (remember those days?) as a spreadsheet to quickly perform math. Beck Technology was founded in 1996 by a third-generation owner of a general contractor to utilize emerging technologies to specifically solve construction problems that can be mitigated in the preconstruction phase of a project.  

Most importantly, you aren’t just a number cruncher. There’s an art to estimating and you are the wizard that makes the magic happen. Excel is Ron’s Weasley’s first wand of the estimating world.  

Harry Poster Estimator Meme

DESTINI Estimator estimating software was and continues to be shaped by our users—preconstruction teams that want to deliver consistent estimates to owners in record time and provide absolutely the best project decisions earlier in the life of a project.  

Here are two major ways DESTINI Estimator is different (and better) than Excel for estimating. 

1. Data 

We are constantly hearing how precon teams such as yours struggle with effectively capturing and leveraging data. DESTINI Estimator captures all your cost history, so you can benchmark key milestones. The software allows you to quickly search and compare similar projects, eliminating any guesswork. Further, if owners change their mind, add new elements to a project, or even completely switch their vision up, you don’t have to leave them hanging for a week or more. In minutes, DESTINI Estimator allows you to show owners the impact of their changes. No more “Excel gymnastics,” as we like to say. 

2. Effectively handle increasing owner demands

Automating many of your manual tasks and eliminating the need to jump back and forth between platforms means you have the extra time before presenting a deliverable to bring value back to the project—providing owners with alternatives and better ways to build the building. Consistent, defendable deliverables with innovative building methods attracts new project owners and helps you level up your company. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for everyone. You and your precon team get to be the heroes, your project stakeholders are impressed, and the world gets a better building! 

To learn more about how DESTINI Estimator compares to Excel for estimating, watch the webinar below and if improving your process, streamlining your workflows, and winning more work sounds like something you’re interested in, request a demo today by clicking that big blue button at the very bottom of this post.  


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