4 Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Estimating Software


graphic that reads "what softwares can DESTINI Estimator really replace? Excel, MC2, Sage, WinEst"Inaccurate estimates lose projects. Period.

If you are asking yourself if you should continue using Excel for estimating, then you know it’s high time you switch from Excel to a system made specifically for construction estimating. There are many benefits of switching from old systems to a new one like DESTINI Estimator.

DESTINI Estimator is a one-stop-shop software that utilizes cost history, has built-in 2D and 3D takeoff, and seamlessly integrates with Autodesk, Procore, Power BI, and Togal.AI—all the essential tools precon teams require.

For over 25 years, Beck Technology has been helping preconstruction teams solve their biggest problems:

  • Inconsistent deliverables
  • Inefficient workflows
  • Wasted time
  • Lack of information and data

Stop spending so much time moving between tools and manually importing data and exporting reports. Switch to software made exclusively for preconstruction estimating with 2D and 3D takeoff, and full in-house support from implementation all the way through your future growth.

DESTINI Estimator users explain why DESTINI Estimator is the best construction estimating software in these four case studies.

Switching from Sage Timberline

DESTINI Estimator is made specifically for preconstruction teams. Timberline Sage is software designed for accounting. Wouldn’t you rather use software made by a team that comes from the same industry you do?

DESTINI Estimator will give the estimating department additional bandwidth to look at more projects. Compared to our old system this will save us hours per week to do estimating jobs and improve the accuracy as well. This platform is going to significantly streamline our efforts.

Switching from Excel

How frustrating is it to start from zero every time? DESTINI Estimator always provides a starting point from similar projects when you begin a new estimate. Plus, the integration with your other essential tools and the power of Estimator's database makes you and your team more efficient.

“We are looking forward to utilizing the DESTINI Estimator software and teaming with Beck Technology. Its capabilities will enable us to bring more value to our clients during preconstruction.”

Switching from WinEst

Beck Technology has developed a detailed estimating product called DESTINI Estimator. Their software encompasses the entire construction estimating process: takeoff, interpreting the project, building direct costs, building indirect costs, and quality control. Since the entire process is contained in a single software application, there is no lost data, less copy and paste errors, and project owner conversations are clear with intelligent explanations of their project estimate details.

Switching from MC2

The DESTINI product suite definitely helps us win projects.

If you are trying to deal with MC2 and it feels like the program isn't growing with you, it's because it isn't. Updates are non-existent and neither is support. With DESTINI Estimator, you get an entire Community devoted to listening to your needs for future functionality of the software.


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