Training in DESTINI Estimator

At Beck Technology we’re serious about training. One of our core behaviors is “always learning.” But we’re not only dedicated to enrichment internally, but we also do our best to provide you with all the resources you need to be expert users of the DESTINI suite of preconstruction software. 

When you choose any of the DESTINI suite of products, whether that be DESTINI Estimator, DESTINI Bid Day, both and/or any of our integrations, our Sales and Implementation Team will create an implementation plan that meets your team’s needs.  

Because each software rollout is different for every contractor, we don’t have a preset training schedule that every one of our users follows; however, we will give you your own schedule for training.  

When you choose DESTINI Estimator, you will arrange a time to meet with your implementation specialist at Beck Technology for a kickoff meeting. In that meeting, the implementation process is explained, and you will receive a high-level overview of your schedule.  

Here is where we ask you to complete the Automatic Pricing basic certification in the Training Portal, which every user should do within one week of having access to DESTINI Estimator. This course teaches the foundation of DESTINI Estimator and will help you ask the right questions during implementation. This basic entry learning path is required before your group can move forward in implementation and should be completed before starting your weekly implementation sessions.  

We recommend practicing inside DESTINI Estimator for at least an hour a week. This could be practicing takeoff, adding line items to an estimate, or playing around with the fee table. Kristin Vrana, Beck Technology Customer Success Specialist says, “just do something!”  

Within two weeks of having access to DESTINI Estimator, your Admin/Data Champion should complete the Admin certification. Taking these courses sets you up for success to build the backend data in a way that will serve your team best. It will help you understand Data Manager and teaches you how to build your cost database, how to build assemblies, and how to modify assemblies if you have our prepackaged assemblies. Allison Lewis, Beck Technology Learning and Development Lead says this certification is “crucial early in the process.”  

Intermediate lessons in the Training Portal include 3D takeoff, Dashboards, and Power BI. These intermediate training courses should be taken towards the end of your implementation as we want you to have a good understanding of the software before jumping into more advanced features.  

Micro-learning modules are also available through the Beck Tech Training Portal for you to read or listen to at your own pace. These are meant to be bite-sized lessons that answer the why behind some of our features. They are not in-depth how-to lessons. 

To help keep you organized, every user will have a GuideCX account. GuideCX will send DESTINI Estimator users an email letting them know which lesson they need to complete and when, so you don’t have to keep track of what lesson you’ve taken and what comes next.  

Your Beck Technology implementation specialist will advise you and develop a plan tailored just for you and your team.

Check out our how-to videos on YouTube here. 

If you have any questions about our process, call us at 888-835-7778. Or if you are ready to schedule your demo of the DESTINI suite of preconstruction software, click the button below.  

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