PARIC Collaborates with Beck Technology for a Cloud-Hosted Solution

When we first launched DESTINI Estimator estimating software, it was only housed on-prem for our clients. This means that the software was stored on your company's servers. Or you had to pay a hosting provider to house DESTINI Estimator. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to on-prem software solutions. The major problem with on-prem software is the role of your IT department in implementing and maintaining the software and hardware but for users of the software you can’t access the application unless you are at the office. Meaning no remote work.  

Prior to 2019, this wasn’t a big deal, or even an issue at all in the construction industry but as the world changes so does our requirements of technology. Not only that but increasing demands on precon teams to work faster and more efficiently means that sometimes you need software updates before your IT team can get to them.  

Our core values are passion, innovation, and caring. These core values are reflected in our people who passionately care about making the world a better place by developing products that support the preconstruction data lifecycle. Our innovation stems from experienced experts in construction internally and externally. Coming up with a way to adapt to our customers’ needs led us to moving DESTINI Estimator to a cloud-hosted environment. 

What does this mean? 

Our preconstruction software, DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Bid Day are now accessed from the cloud. Users can perform their estimating tasks from anywhere with the Internet. This allows precon teams the flexibility to be highly productive in this time of remote and hybrid work, it reduces your costs for hardware and the burden on IT, and you get the latest and greatest versions of the DESTINI suite of products automatically.  

This cloud-hosted solution did not just come from our idea but also from listening to the feedback of our clients. ENR Top 400 Contractors PARIC reached out to us to request finding a way that DESTINI Estimator could be accessed online.  

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ feedback and doing everything we can to develop our products to work for you. There is power in partnership!  

To read more about the role of IT, our strong partnership with PARIC, and why cloud-hosted DESTINI Estimator benefits precon teams, click here.

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