Estimating Software Evaluation is Good for Business

The current uncertainties of our world feel like every step we take in business is on an uneven wobbly floor. We are cautious of missteps. Businesses have had to make tough decisions to furlough or layoff team members, cut budgets, and/or reduce hours. Business leaders are weighing every decision made on whether it is the right thing to do to keep the business running.

However, there are silver linings in the midst of uncertainty. In the preconstruction environment, remote employees have become powerhouses of productivity, cost history databases are getting the attention they desperately need, and estimating standards are coming to fruition. Additionally, some construction companies are taking notice of how their “old gray mare” of estimating software “ain’t what she used to be.” They are struggling to realize the productivity others are able to capitalize on while working from home offices.

While construction companies are being cautious with their cash on hand they also need to be cautious of the status quo. The status quo is now hindering the way things used to be done. The best way to break the status quo mold within preconstruction is to discover what construction estimating software is not only supporting a remote workforce but also enhancing the efforts of preconstruction professionals.

At Beck Technology, we see companies, on average, spend 2-3 months evaluating software. The evaluation process is fairly simple. It includes:

  1. Demos
  2. Hands-on exploration of DESTINI Estimator (including a discussion of our technology roadmap)
  3. In-depth discussion of an implementation plan

While we believe DESTINI Estimator is the right integrated preconstruction technology for construction companies we also understand due diligence. Especially during a time where economic recovery is coming but we can’t tell with certainty when it will get here. However, if companies are feeling the burden of using software that doesn’t support the needs of today’s ever-changing work environment then delaying a software evaluation is a wobbly step.

If your company needs a preconstruction technology lifeline then start your evaluation today. You may not be in a position to spend cash this quarter or next but waiting to evaluate estimating software may be a regret that lives with the company while construction projects continue to move forward with companies who can respond effectively and efficiently to requests whether we are all remote or not.

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