5 Struggles of Compressed Decision Making in Preconstruction

The world of preconstruction is fast-paced, high-energy, and time-sensitive. Estimators are being asked to make decisions under pressure and with time constraints without a lot of detail. This is called compressed decision-making.  

Let’s shed some light on the struggles of compressed decision-making in preconstruction and how it can impact projects. Understanding these challenges can lead to more profitable projects, align all project stakeholders, and prep for the next time a decision is needed during crunch time. 

1. Information overload: Even when preconstruction professionals aren’t given all the details about the project, there is still a TON of data that must be digested, and assumptions made based on experience with past projects. Because of this, it is easy to feel overwhelmed quickly. If you are not able to sort through estimating data or cost history fast enough the decision-making process is stressful.  confused man at laptop

Searching for needles in estimating haystacks should be a thing of the past. DESTINI Estimator estimating software has built-in functionality that allows you to search, sort, pinpoint, and quickly find data that gives you the confidence to answer a question definitively. Plus, the cost history built into the platform reduces the information overload into a few keystrokes versus wracking your brain on a project from years ago. 

Read more about compiling a cost history initiative here.

2. Lack of time: Honestly, if you have an abundance of time in construction then something is seriously wrong. Lack of time is a given in preconstruction. This critical factor is a significant struggle when trying to make a decision. The luxury of weighing all your options or consequences in preconstruction is simply not there. Business man trying to stop time. Man hanging on clock arrow isolated on gray office wall background. Time pressure passing past concept

One of the luxurious features of DESTINI Estimator is the comparison feature. You can compare past estimates, various iterations of the same project, and more. While the platform cannot give you more time (we are pretty sure everyone has the same 24 hours in a day), DESTINI Estimator can consolidate your data in a way that saves you time. Whether it is assemblies, WBS properties, seeing what is mapped off in takeoff versus what is yet to be mapped, or any way you want to view your data. And when you are facing a compressed decision-making moment, it saves you headaches. 

Learn more about how to use the cost history and comparison dashboard here. 

3. Limited resources: Most of us are accustomed to dealing with decisions based on limited resources…money, people, support, information, etc. Maybe you could say this is just a fact of life and life isn’t fair. Compressed decision-making takes place in high-stress or high-stakes environments where resources may be limited. Sounds like preconstruction, amirite? 


The beauty of DESTINI Estimator is that it allows you to do more with less. Multi-user access in an estimate gives you more brainpower to solve the problem. Because of the speed the estimating platform has in completing and delivering an estimate, the efficiency allows you to go after more work which turns into more money. Plus, the support from Beck Technology is focused on elevating our mutual partnership. We are focused on reversing the limited resources you may feel you are getting from your current estimating technology solutions.

Discover how DESTINI Estimator is user-friendly here.

estimator photo4. Balancing speed and accuracy: In compressed decision-making in preconstruction, there is a trade-off between speed and accuracy. If you prioritize speed, you may make decisions without knowing all the information. That decision may cost money, lost jobs, safety issues, site coordination problems, and a plethora of other unpleasant things for your construction company. If you prioritize accuracy, you may take too long to make a decision, missing out on opportunities, upsetting project stakeholders, and holding up progress. Compressed decision-making feels like a double-edged sword in this situation. 

One of the benefits of DESTINI Estimator is the combo of speed and accuracy. It crunches loads of data and has color-coded verification of where the data is sourced from within the estimate. While estimating is an art it is also precision. Having quick visual cues that your data, quantities, and cost are all aligned gives you the confidence your estimate is accurate. 

Uncover the three ways to improve your data accuracy here. 

5. Managing emotions and biases: Compressed decision-making be stressful, and stress can affect your emotions and decision-making processes. Allowing emotions to run high affects our judgment which can be detrimental to the preconstruction project and your team. Additionally, people may have biases that can influence their decisions, such as overconfidence, confirmation bias, or groupthink. You definitely want to bring your preconstruction experience to the decision-making process but if you don’t bring an open mind then you can be setting your company up for failure without realizing it. 


While DESTINI Estimator is not a therapist, it is an estimating software that gives you insight into the Preconstruction Data Lifecycle (PDL). The PDL is the progression of data throughout an entire project, from the time that the project is simply an idea to its closeout. That kind of innovative power allows you to take a step back and wholistically look at decisions from the bigger and long-term picture for your business. This removes “in the moment” emotions and by focusing on the data it squashes biases. 

Explore PDL here. blue-dot_PDL


Will compressed decision-making be a thing of the past in preconstruction? Nope. However, understanding these struggles and knowing there is a solution in DESTINI Estimator means you don’t have to feel the pressure and constraints on your own.  

Beck Technology has created a technology that truly understands the frustrations of preconstruction professionals and has doubled down on minimizing them as much as possible. Even a fraction of a reduced struggle in the compressed decision-making process could mean more profit for your company, a more satisfied career for yourself, and a team that functions cohesively.  

The next time you are feeling the pinch of making a decision under a lot of pressure with time constraints ask yourself if your estimating technology is helping or hindering your process. If you do not have the support you need in preconstruction you need DESTINI Estimator. 


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