How to Use the Cost History and Comparison Dashboard in DESTINI Estimator

Beck Technology’s DESTINI Estimator estimating software’s integration with Microsoft Power BI includes a Cost History and Comparison dashboard, so you can see your projects’ cost history and compare it between projects.

 “When you produce an estimate, you’re going to need to defend your estimate.” - Justin Wetherby, a Senior Estimator at Gilbane Building Company

This integration allows precon teams to share proof of where estimate numbers come from quickly and easily to owners. It also helps estimators quickly compare similar projects and provide a much more accurate estimate.

When you open the dashboard, you will see a high-level overview of your projects—the locations, the volume, and the cost. From this view, you can filter the projects in a variety of ways and compare them side by side. You can also customize this report by entering which properties you’d like to use to filter your projects.

Digging deeper, the Cost History and Comparison dashboard will give you an average cost per unit for each breakdown.

What is unique about this feature in DESTINI Estimator is that no extra work is needed by users. This data is automatically curated by the software.


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