Top 7 DESTINI Estimator Case Studies

Promises, promises...

Demos done by experts make functionality look so easy...

Sales teams willing to do almost anything for a sale... (Hey, I love my free Starbucks gift cards and donut deliveries, but it’s not gonna make me say ‘yes.’)

We get it. No one is going to sell their product as “bad” and untrustworthy, but we’re also smart enough to know not to just take a sales team’s word for it. Most of us do at least a little research before purchasing a new product. And a lot of that research includes reading product reviews.

Shockingly, nearly 100% of people say they consider product reviews when considering what product to buy. (Fan & Fuel Digital Marketing Group)

We recently wrote about how to spot a bad vendor and one of those red flags of an untrustworthy vendor are those who can’t show proof that their product has solved a real problem for a real customer.

a man at a wooden table with a book and coffee in front of him as he scans an iPad Getting peer reviews of a product you're interested in is critical before purchasing.

Even a sales team that has the best intentions of selling you software with all the features you need doesn’t mean it is right for your company. The best way to back up their claims is by listening to your peers. After all, both the company and the client spent time recording and reporting the review.

At Beck Technology, we are proud of the relationships we build with our customers and ask for thoughtful and honest feedback and testimonials about our construction estimating software. Not only do those champions help us to improve our product suite, but they also help you when choosing an estimating platform.

In the following eight case studies, each general contractor presented us with a problem we knew that DESTINI Estimator could solve. Click each article below to learn how DESTINI Estimator has made Sundt Construction, Korte Company, Balfour Beatty, PARIC Corporation, Frank Dale Construction, and Russell Construction more successful.

  1. Case Study: Sundt Construction and DESTINI Estimator
  2. The Power of Partnership: Sundt Case Study
  3. Beck Technology Offers Hands-On Implementation Planning and Support for a Seamless Software Rollout
  4. Return on Investment of DESTINI Estimator for Balfour Beatty Construction
  5. The Role of IT in Preconstruction—PARIC Case Study
  6. Implementing New Construction Estimating Software Case Study
  7. Why Russell Construction Switched to DESTINI Estimator

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