Top 3 Customer-Based Features in DESTINI Estimator

To say we embrace feedback would be an understatement. In fact, without feedback, our flagship product, DESTINI Estimator, might not even exist!

Beck Technology was founded by Peter Beck in 1996 as an internal software development effort within our sister company, The Beck Group. With the correct tools, The Beck Group believed they could make better, more informed decisions earlier in the life of a project—something we call the preconstruction data lifecycle. In 2006, we commercialized Beck Technology as an independent software company to provide preconstruction solutions that would revolutionize the industry and change the future. Our first product was DProfiler.

While DProfiler was a great tool, it was lacking a few features that heavy DProfiler user Sundt Construction knew would help them level up. They had MC2 but weren’t really using it and it was being sunset. With an innovative spirit, Sundt approached us in 2012 and asked if we could split out the estimate view from Profiler and make it a standalone estimating solution.

Growing quickly, Sundt needed software that would capture all their data for benchmarking and as Melissa Love, Project Controls Manager at Sundt, says “…we needed a program that created some consistency.” Further, Sundt knew that Beck Technology could develop a single-source solution for estimating and takeoff that incorporated data collection, handle robust assemblies and line items, and provide comparison reporting.

We were in whole-heartedly. Together with our research and development team, we worked with Sundt to create DESTINI Estimator, our revolutionary construction estimating software.

Though we were born from the construction industry and are led by industry folks, no one knows how they work best but you. That is why it is so important to us to keep the lines of communication open with our clients and keep evolving DESTINI Estimator, so it works best for you.

DESTINI Estimator launched to the public in 2006 and we've had many versions—our latest being Automatic Pricing which allows users to “dip their pen” in the cost database or estimate and sketch the quantity of that item in one seamless process.

Throughout the years, we’ve had some significant customer-based features incorporated into DESTINI Estimator. Beck Tech Head of Development, Jon Chumbley, picked out the top three DESTINI Estimator features we added based on user feedback.

Copying an Existing Estimaterecent estimates in DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software

Requested by: Okland Construction & Clark Construction

One workflow we discuss with our clients is the ability to get a new estimate up and running quickly. Being able to find an existing estimate similar to the new estimate as a baseline is a great way to jumpstart the process. Working with Okland, Clark, and other clients, we introduced a feature to copy an existing estimate directly from the search results. The copied estimate brings over all existing cost items, greatly reducing the time to produce the estimate and ensuring that the data is standardized across the organization.

2d takeoffReplace 2D Takeoff Objects with Another Takeoff Object

Requested by: Findorff & Balfour Beatty

When working in 2D takeoff, many times our clients need to swap out entire sections of takeoff when doing things like changing out flooring. Working with Findorff, Balfour Beatty, and other clients, we identified a workflow that will allow for the selection of an entire group of takeoff and quickly swapping to a new takeoff type, saving time and effort, as well as helping to eliminate mistakes.


Distributing Fees to Negative Costs

Requested by: Clayco & Big D

Many of our clients need the ability to distribute fees into negative cost items when working with alternate deducts or VEs. Working with Clayco, Big D, and other clients, we were able to change our process to support their needs. We have better enabled our clients to make quick game-time decisions in the estimate relating to deducts that streamline the amount of time it takes to make these changes while accurately and appropriately representing it in the estimate deliverables.

We don’t know of any other preconstruction software that provides such a level of attention and support to its customers as Beck Technology. The first step in the process of your evaluation of DESTINI Estimator is making sure our software aligns with your needs and your vision of your company’s future growth. We want to get to know you before selling you anything. It’s a true partnership when you chose Beck Tech.

Your construction business’s success depends on finding and choosing to work with people who share your core values and are committed to helping you succeed. -Mike Boren, Chief Technology Officer Beck Technology

Our Beck Tech Community allows DESTINI Estimator users and other preconstruction professionals to discuss issues in the software, suggestions for future versions, precon and Estimator tips and how to’s, and a general forum to share anything about that precon life.  Join our Community here.

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