The Future of Preconstruction

The future of preconstruction... *cue The Jetsons theme song*.

Technology is constantly updating, and we can only imagine what will happen 10, 25, 50 years from now. Will the AEC industry run more on technology or less? Will there be more simplified products or more in-depth? What will DESTINI Estimator look like? Will robots be a part of the daily job? How about artificial intelligence?

As times change, it is imperative to continue innovating and growing. Beck Technology builds itself on the core value of innovation. Thinking ahead and creating new ideas are something that we strive to do. Whether that is with our customers, our products, or internally; the future is what we make it.

From the Advancing Preconstruction Conference in 2019, leaders of PARIC Corporation, The Beck Group, and a few others share their views of the future of preconstruction. Since this conference a couple of years ago, the AEC industry has found itself continuing to move forward. Advances like virtual reality, drones, software collaborations, and more have found themselves in today's workspace. What advances can we predict for these next few years?


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