Stewart Carroll on The Preconstruction Podcast

Gareth McGlynn, host of The Preconstruction Podcast sat down with Beck Technology President Stewart Carroll to discuss his background in innovative AEC technology and the history and founding of Beck Technology.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • The history and mission behind Beck Technology
  • Why Beck Technology’s revolutionary preconstruction software is helping change lives
  • How to eliminate risk in the built environment
  • The importance of data analysis and collaboration throughout the life of a project

Stewart Carroll, President of Beck Technology, spent some time with The Preconstruction Podcast (hosted by Niche Specialist Staffing Partners) talking about preconstruction innovations, estimating software, and demand for specialists in preconstruction. Give the podcast a listen.

Beck Technology History

Beck Technology was founded by a third-generation construction company owner, Peter Beck, in 1996. Peter recognized that we assume a lot of risk in construction, especially when trying to make the right decisions in the middle of a project. He knew that if collaboratively, the preconstruction team, the owner, and the designer were involved from the very beginning of a project, you can avoid risk and mistakes, and make better project decisions. But how do you do that?

These mistakes and bad project decisions are made by a lack of information. Beck Technology was founded to provide the solution in the form of technological innovation by developing software that standardized data collection and retention in one centralized location for precon teams to leverage.

The timing was ripe (and still is) for technological innovation in the construction industry. We knew that we had a rare opportunity to do things differently than the way things had been done before to not only impact the AEC industry but the entire world. Everyone is touched by the built environment and by using technological innovation, we can make everyone's lives better. Being able to analyze construction data and information, we can create more efficient buildings at lower cost, like adding rooms to hospitals that could save lives or making better schools to provide the next generation with more enriching and interactive learning environments.

Why Preconstruction?

Preconstruction is where we make the biggest impact on the outcome of a project. Beck Technology believes that with the right tools, preconstruction estimators can make the biggest changes at the lowest amount of cost, suggest the best alternatives, and positively impact the project.

Preconstruction technology, like construction estimating software DESTINI Estimator, frees up estimators' time and reduces risk. In turn, you get more value like not having to explain where the quantities come from. A fully integrated estimating solution allows you to show owners the data behind the numbers.

The world of preconstruction is changing. It is time to embrace the technological advances of companies like Beck Technology that help reduce risk and allow for more efficient processes.

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