Moving to One Construction Estimating Program

Anticipating increased productivity and eliminating data entry errors were two big reasons why ENR Top 400 contractor and Top 100 Design-Builder, The Korte Company decided to switch from multiple systems to one single standardized construction estimating software.  

Brian Marks, Senior Estimator at Korte, discusses the role he played in choosing and implementing DESTINI Estimator and why they decided to make the switch in the webinar below.  

Korte picked Beck Technology’s DESTINI Estimator preconstruction estimating software in 2017 for the purpose of consolidating their tools, integrating their workflows, and so the preconstruction team could work in one single platform. Because of DESTINI Estimator’s built-in 2D takeoff feature, Korte was able to eliminate one of their old tools, OST.  

When discussing the decision, Brian says, “The platform is strong enough to do the bulk of the takeoff that we were used to doing in OST.” Korte, like many other general contractors who switch from a multi-tool set up to DESTINI Estimator, wanted to mitigate the risk involved of manually moving data around between platforms that don’t work together.  

Throughout the process of implementation, however, Korte met with some challenges. They had to message company-wide repeatedly that the company would stop supporting OST in 2019. Brian says, “Some people are just hard to get out of that comfort level,” but he’s noticed that once people started working in DESTINI Estimator more “they found it really isn’t much different than what we did before.”  

To learn how to help those on your team who are resisting change, click here.  

To read more about how The Korte Company chose Beck Technology and DESTINI Estimator, read the following case studies:


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