How to Do 2D Takeoff in DESTINI Estimator Software

Beck Technology’s estimating software, DESTINI Estimator, is a preconstruction professional’s one-stop shop for delivering accurate estimates on time to owners.  

Not only does DESTINI Estimator integrate with your other essential preconstruction software, but it also allows estimators to perform takeoff and apply pricing at the same time. This feature significantly reduces the time it takes you to complete an estimate, giving you the opportunity to provide more value to owners and win more projects. 

With the latest version of DESTINI Estimator, the Automatic Pricing feature automatically maps the quantity value of the area you sketch in 2D takeoff, without you having to adjust or map anything yourself. This feature is also fully customizable.  

In the following walk-through video, Michael Boren, Beck Technology Chief Technology Officer, demonstrates how to use the Automatic Pricing feature in 2D takeoff.  

DESTINI Estimator preconstruction software automatically captures all of your cost history data allowing you to benchmark, analyze, and compare estimates reducing risk, eliminating errors, and most importantly, replaces Excel for estimating.  

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