How to Create a Predictable Preconstruction Process

If you could eliminate one task from your preconstruction process, what would it be?  

The overwhelming answer from many of our polls is takeoff. Pretty much any mundane task that doesn’t add much value to the project is not where estimators and preconstruction professionals want to spend their time.  

If you had a way to cut your takeoff time in half, what other things could you be doing?  

Your superpower is being a part of making the owner’s vision come alive and affecting the decisions of how buildings get built. 

What are the things you wish you had time for? 

DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software lets you replicate your preconstruction process every time, which, in turn, increases your efficiency and productivity so you do have the time for those things you really want to be a part of like adding value to a project, building relationships and trust with owners and subcontractors, ultimately leading to winning more repeat work.  

Backed by a powerful data management system, Beck Tech’s DESTINI Estimator software documents, tracks, and helps you monitor project decisions.  

No more guessing, no more drawing from experience alone. Just up-to-date project data you can draw from templates, past projects, and project comparison dashboards for a consistent and accurate deliverable every time. 

This capturing of your data establishes formal checkpoints throughout the life of a project eliminating risk. Estimators can see where misses were and can analyze what the cause of the miss was.  Power BI in DESTINI Estimator

For a simple example—you were awarded a ski resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming but it wasn’t delivered on time due to weather shut down. With this information, on a future similar project, you can quickly and easily identify the risks and communicate with owners’ realistic timelines.  

With Estimator, you have the time to engineer the project out.  

Those lessons learned lead to better project decisions and consistency in your preconstruction process. Garrett Vance, Industry Specialist at Join preconstruction software says that through technology, “those small incremental changes are going to differentiate you over time.”  

Standardizing your precon process by utilizing programs that make it possible gives preconstruction teams the ability to iterate estimates and improve.  

Increase efficiency and productivity. Reduce risk. Improve the process. Pass on knowledge. All of these make up the equation that leads to project success.  

If you are still questioning why you would want a predictable preconstruction process, Garrett relates it to his favorite sport, archery. He says you can’t go into an archery competition hoping to hit the target. You need to hit the target in the exact same spot every time to win.  

So, if you are asking why…Garrett says, “why would you want to be anything else?”  


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