How to Find the Best Construction Estimating Software

81% of general contractors plan to utilize new construction technologies soon. When was the last time you took stock of your workflows and processes?

New construction technologies are proven to address the labor shortage, improve safety on the job site, increase productivity (profitability!), and help deliver better buildings. But less than half of the country’s general contractors are using tools that automate part of the estimating process. And an overwhelming amount are using outdated methods for their workflows (90% to be exact).

Not sure if you need to look at new estimating software? Click here to learn the 7 signs it’s time to upgrade.

The construction industry is facing historical backlogs. More than ever preconstruction teams need a way to work faster and smarter to meet this new demand. With construction technology evolving quicker than it has ever been before, now is the perfect time to take stock of your current processes and workflows and analyze how you can utilize technology to improve your efficiency.

If making more money isn’t enough to convince you, then learning that owners are now seeking builders that offer innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies and methods might make you think twice about sticking with your old tools and workflows. (Click here to read research on what owners really want in a GC.)

Look Beyond Software Features

In this article, you’ll learn what to ask vendors when you are choosing new software.

Screenshot of DESTINI Estimator's takeoff feature

Work On Your Business, Not Just in The Business

Many estimators just like you have been working in the same software for decades for a GC who hasn’t looked at upgrading estimating software for the same number of years. Multiple unintegrated tools like Excel, Sage, and takeoff software introduce risk, slow down deliverables, and require a lot of unnecessary steps.

For Willis A. Smith, the realization of switching to a single-source construction estimating solution allows their precon team to pursue new projects. Robbie Gronbach, LEED AP and Director of Preconstruction at Willis A. Smith says, “We’ve been able to get work accomplished faster and do more estimates. If we can streamline the workflow for a single project, that means we can add more projects to the roster, and in this time that we’re in right now, that has been essential.”

Assessing your tool set is step one in finding new construction estimating software.

  • Look where you are having to take extra steps to complete your estimates.
  • Notice where rework is happening.
  • Explore your opportunities to improve your process.

3 Steps to Finding the Best Estimating Software

Finding new estimating software is more involved than just following a big-name vendor you know or picking the easiest option. You want to make sure your new software aligns with your workflows and processes, and that your vendor is as dedicated to your future success as you are.

  1. Long-Term RelationshipMembers of the Beck Technology team with Taimoor Khan at the Beck Technology booth at Advancing Preconstruction.

What led many of our customers to Beck Technology was the fact that many legacy systems were getting sunsetted—meaning those estimating systems were no longer going to be supported. No updates. No help. No new features. At some point, those legacy systems won’t work at all.

During your evaluations of construction estimating software, ask not only will that software fix your current challenges, but also how does that vendor plan to improve and innovate future versions and how does that fit into your tech roadmap. Do they have a 5-, 10-, and 20-year plan for their growth and how does that align with yours?

These are important questions that many companies in any industry don’t think about asking when searching for new software. So many fall back on just comparing features rather than the bigger picture of how that software is going to work for you and with you.

Beck Technology prides itself on partnership. You aren’t just sold some licenses and sent merrily on your way. Collaboration, connection, and continued training is a promise from Beck Technology. 

The relationship that we form with our clients from the beginning is one of the reasons why our clients are confident in their choice to switch to DESTINI Estimator:

  • “I would say what stands you all apart is the openness for new ideas from your users, you all are very collaborative when it comes to helping your clients find solutions and your customer service has been excellent.” -Ted Zimmerhanzel, Director of Preconstruction, Guido
  • “Since going through the process of exploring DESTINI Estimator I have witnessed firsthand why companies are fans of the Beck Technology team and their products.” -Mike Pozdol, Vice President Estimating & Business Support at Marriott International
  • "Beck Technology is a true partner—always flexible, quick to answer our questions, and great to work with.” —Dale Schneider, General Manager, Saunders Construction
  1. Implementation Plans

What is it going to take to make the transition from your old platform to a new one? Many ignore this extremely crucial step in implementing new software. Will you buy the license, and your IT department must deploy the software? Sam Lawrence, Vice President of Preconstruction at Findorff says, “Previously, we had implemented estimating software, and we had to do it on our own, and it was really hard. It took a long time.”

Rely on a vendor who knows how to help you through implementation. Beck Technology develops customized implementation plans for each of its customers. Brian Marks, a Senior Estimator at The Korte Company says, “Beck Technology’s approach to implementation was one of our major deciding factors in choosing DESTINI Estimator.” We had a high comfort level with the fact that Beck Technology provides a collaborative approach to building our custom database, as opposed to trying to shoehorn in someone else’s. If we’d had time-and-materials support from another provider, costs could easily have gotten way out of control.”

  1. TrainingA group of estimators from Ryan Companies training on DESTINI Estimator at the Beck Technology office.

Is training provided? Is the software vendor going to make you fend for yourself, sending you off with some PDFs or a big book? Implementation and training should go hand-in-hand and the level of support you receive throughout the entire process is telling of how that vendor will treat you once you get up and running.

At Beck Technology, training extends beyond your initial basic how-to’s during implementation. Our Customer Success team is dedicated to making sure you are as successful as you can be at using DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Bid Day. Further, we are constantly adding new training videos and articles to our Community pages and our learning platform, Lessonly. Your success is a priority!

Beyond Basic Evaluations 

Traditionally, with any software, the evaluation process looks like this—you request a demo and ask questions. Then, you ask for a free trial. However, a data-based estimating system like DESTINI Estimator is so robust that a “free trial” doesn’t do anyone any favors. To see how a one-stop-shop system truly works, you need to use your own data. That’s why after a demo, we offer what we call an exploration. 

An exploration of DESTINI Estimator is a deeper dive into your challenges and how the product can be customized to your workflows and specific problems. This is done by getting your key stakeholders together with Beck Technology and you will really get to explore every corner of DESTINI Estimator and how it will map back to your goals and workflows. It is a better way to show you if the software is right for your company.  

The Real Truth 

Finding new company-wide estimating software takes a long time. But this isn’t trying to decide what type of office paper to buy, this is a major investment of time and money that is going to increase your productivity, elevate your process, and win you more work. Do it right and you’ll find the right software vendor that is going to help grow your business and stand out to owners.  

For a deeper look into how Beck Technology helps preconstruction teams find the right solution, watch the webinar below.  



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