Does Your Estimating Platform Integrate?

We talk a lot about integration on this website. But the reason for that is because we truly believe that an integrated preconstruction world is the future of the industry. As we’ve worked with estimating professionals, we’ve seen that once a precon team starts integrating their tools, it leads to a whole host of other benefits: increased collaboration, improved standardization, and even greater efficiency. That’s not even touching on how updating your estimating toolkit can also play a factor in attracting and retaining new talent.

When we talk about making sure your estimating software is integrated, you probably tend to think that we mean you should be performing all of your estimating activities in one centralized hub – and that you should also be storing all of the subsequent data in this hub as well. And you’d be right. But we also believe it’s important for estimating software vendors to have integrations with one another. Innovation can’t happen in a silo, and it’s why Beck Technology takes feedback so seriously: not just from clients, but also from fellow vendors in the industry. You may already that DESTINI Estimator integrates with Procore Financials, but did you know that it also integrates with AutoDesk’s BIM 360?

With the BIM 360 integration, you never have to leave DESTINI Estimator – you can browse and open BIM 360 documents directly within the platform, as well as filter models using estimating properties, compare models to one another in order to see the impact of scope changes on the estimaet, and quantify elements of the models by using an embedded LMV. You can also tie estimate costs directly to the models in LMV and deconstruct the estimate while performing takeoff so that you can get granular and show exactly what’s being quantified.

Does your estimating platform integrate with other powerful preconstruction tools? And if it doesn’t, why not?


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