DESTINI Estimator Implementation Before & After

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” — Abraham Maslow 

Maslow was on to something as he created Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And his words ring true for software implementation. Implementing software can be a daunting task if left to our own whims and schedules. It is MUCH easier to stay in a safe zone without changing. However, the lack of change also means a lack of forward momentum. And in construction, you cannot afford to not be growing. 

Our implementation processes have helped over 200 companies like yours to switch to DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software. We have seasoned construction professionals to guide you and decades of experience to be ready for hurdles in the road (like a last-minute estimate deadline with all hands-on deck). 

The overwhelming majority of companies switching to DESTINI Estimator were using Excel (and a combination of estimating tools) to create their estimates. They knew they needed a more efficient estimating platform that also assisted in tracking data trends. It is easy to say, “Let’s switch to DESTINI Estimator.” The more daunting task is the plan to implement software that will improve processes, create robust reports, track cost history, and become the backbone of your preconstruction efforts. 

DESTINI Estimator customer Tyler Gerig, Vice President of Construction at TI Source, an Indiana company that provides construction management and coordination services, shared their implementation experience. 

Tyler Gerig Quote

What were your expectations or concerns before starting the DESTINI Estimator implementation process? 

“My concerns initially came from prior years of experience implementing various construction related software. My concerns were based on past experiences and had to do with the amount of work it would take to get the software usable. Whether we would have a good enough understanding of the software to effectively set it up to use right away without having to perform substantial amounts of rework, due to a lack of understanding of how the software really worked within our business and processes. 

Another concern from past experience was that a lot of construction software companies have technicians who know the product and the development side of the product very well but tend to be very inexperienced with how a construction company actually works and how they utilize the software effectively within the business.”  

What improvements have you noticed since completing the DESTINI Estimator implementation? 

“The implementation process was great and the implementors were very knowledgeable about the software, and how a construction company and an estimator in a construction company work. This made the training and implementation very smooth because we could speak about real-life scenarios and the DESTINI team would help us adapt the software and show us the process to get the software to do what we wanted.  So once the training and implementation were completed, I felt like a pro and had the confidence and knowledge to do the most advanced techniques.”   

To read how some other DESTINI Estimator users successfully implemented the all-in-one estimating program, read the following case studies:

Lessons learned from one of our customers clearly indicate that having clear implementation objectives with a realistic timeline helps set expectations and success. Beck Technology is honored to have seasoned preconstruction professionals in our company to help lead other preconstruction peers through their tech onboarding process. Our company understands the nuances of project estimate deadlines and needs. We are well-equipped to help users succeed in their implementation of the DESTINI platform. 

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