DESTINI Estimator New Version Announcement: Disconnected Workflow

We are excited to announce several awesome updates to DESTINI Estimator this year! The days of spotty WiFi causing you to worry about whether or not your work is saved are over.

DESTINI Estimator Disconnected Workflow allows your team to use the product offline as well as online. Once offline users are back online, you can merge everyone’s addition/changes.

What's New

  • Offline Access To Estimating Projects
  • See the Cost / Unit Over Line Values In the Unit Cost Column
  • Merge Estimates Back Into The Team Estimate On Demand
  • Performance Enhancements For New Database Platform
  • Variables Now Shown As Drop-Down Lists During Assembly + Item Takeoff Without Using Choices

"DESTINI Estimator Disconnected Workflow represents a great example of our company’s ability to listen to our clients and adapt to the changing needs of their environment," said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer of Beck Technology. "As we move into a more virtual world where teams are asked to work away from the office and experience the technical hassles that come with this, we are excited to use our innovation to care for them and are passionate about supporting their ability to get the job done!"

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