Beck Technology Introduces Automatic Pricing in DESTINI Estimator

Beck Technology, a preconstruction data lifecycle company, has released a new version of DESTINI® Estimator; an integrated construction estimating software. This version’s spotlight feature is Automatic Pricing which allows users to “dip their pen” in the cost database or estimate and sketch the quantity of that item in one seamless process. This feature significantly reduces the time to complete quantity takeoff and build an estimate since the one action is doing both.

This version of Estimator also includes:

  • Ability to copy estimates and templates,
  • Support for multiple measurement systems (both Metric and Imperial),
  • Simplified user interface,
  • Track productivity data so teams can build more efficient estimating processes,
  • Support for system-level quantities from BIM 360.

DESTINI Estimator is actively developed through collaboration with customer feedback and Beck Technology’s forward-looking process of exploring preconstruction trends.

“Beck Technology really listens to customers to build solutions to elevate the preconstruction industry and this latest DESTINI Estimator release is a testament to their collaborative spirit,” said Landon McQuestion, Director of Preconstruction and Estimating at Balfour Beatty. “Automatic Pricing is a game-changer when it comes to speeding up the process of takeoff and building an estimate. The fact that everything is in one platform helps ensure data integrity.”


“Automatic Pricing is the software I have been waiting for my entire career, and truly is a game-changer for those that are passionate about building accurate cost models, in a seamless one-stop-shop software,” said Mark Mendelson, Director of Preconstruction at The Beck Group. “When I first saw the new workflow, my initial thought was ‘finally we have technology that has answered our professional needs.’ This is a very exciting time as a professional estimator and is exactly what my team needs to execute Target Value Delivery and cost management."

Jon Chumbley, Head of Development at Beck Technology, discussed the process of software development while keeping the customer’s needs top of mind. “At Beck Technology we don’t want to simply ‘wow’ our users with our software. We rely on our relationship with our users to create technology that speeds up their processes while building trust that their estimate is in good hands with DESTINI Estimator. Getting user feedback is required to create a better version with each release and Automatic Pricing is a testament to our customers’ faith in us to create the right solution for the construction industry.”


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