Beck Technology Donates to SOS Children’s Villages India

Construction impacts everyone. We do passionately believe that with the right technology like DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software and DESTINI Bid Day bid leveling software, we are helping estimators and preconstruction teams make better project decisions that lead to better buildings. Which in turn, leads to a better world. To make sure we stay true to our mission, our core values are passion, innovation, and caring. These core values aren’t just reflected in Beck Technology’s development of ground-breaking construction technology that helps make the world a better place—they are in everything we do. And it is important that the people behind Beck Technology align with these core values.  

From the very beginning, it was a priority for Beck Technology leadership to create and continue to foster a company culture that encourages passion, innovation, and caring. It is important for each team member to incorporate these core values in their day-to-day tasks. But it’s not just at work. We seek out people who have that spark of passion, innovation, and caring (we fondly refer to it as PIC), in their lives outside of work, as well.  

We have quite a few regular rituals and practices that we maintain at work to keep this PIC culture alive. One of those being our Beck Tech Cares initiative. Not only does it help celebrate the people at Beck Technology that drive our culture and product forward, but it affords everyone the opportunity to recognize their personal PIC at work. 

Every month, Beck Technology donates to a charitable organization through our Beck Tech Cares Program. Through a task management tool, Beck Technology employees can give each other virtual high fives for those who demonstrate passion, innovation, and caring. At the beginning of every month, we meet to read our high fives to each other. At the end of that meeting, one team member is chosen to pick their charitable organization to receive the Beck Tech Cares donation. From global to regional to local, the organizations we support are as varied as our many passions.  


This month, Mohita Chalicheemala, Lead Report Developer, was our Beck Tech Cares nominee winner and she chose SOS Children’s Villages India. Mohita says:

“Growing up, I had learned the art of giving from my father who always set a good example. I chose to support SOS Children’s Villages India, an organization that focuses on providing homes and providing for abandoned children. I believe education is one of the most important areas that needs attention in India due to its huge population and lack of resources for those less privileged. SOS Children’s Villages allows us to sponsor a child or children’s education for a certain time period while also receiving regular updates about them—making it more meaningful and personal. 

Established over 50 years ago, SOS Children’s Villages India is a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services through multiple programs for children in India who do not have or at the risk of losing parental care. These programs include family-like care, special needs childcare, foster care, family strengthening, kinship care, emergency and disaster support, education and skills development, and short-stay homes. Their website reads, “As an NGO (non-governmental organization) for children, we understand the importance of preventing child abandonment which is why we empower vulnerable families in communities to become financially independent, thereby enabling them to create safe and nurturing spaces for children under their care.” 

Operating in 32 villages in 22 states, SOS Children’s Villages is the largest self-implementing non-profit organization at the national level, and they are the only NGO that provides family-like care for children up to 23 years old. They service over 65,000 children annually and provide over 440 homes.  

There are many ways to give, you can sponsor a child, provide for education, support an entire family, and give a general donation. To support SOS Children’s Villages, click here.

Click here to read more about Beck Tech Cares. 


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