Takeoff with DESTINI Estimator

If you weren’t able to attend this exclusive webinar, and you want to learn more about streamlining your preconstruction process, you will definitely want to click below to watch. Mike Boren, Chief Technology Officer at Beck Technology, walked through a high-level demonstration of DESTINI Estimator’s 2D and 3D takeoff capabilities. He also responded to some insightful questions from attendees regarding Revit integration and CSI codes, as well as giving a brief preview of what’s going to be coming up in Estimator 2019.1.0.

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Estimating Life with ERDMAN

Curious about how preconstruction technology can benefit your company? Then you’ll definitely want to click the play button. Taimoor Khan, Director of Preconstruction at ERDMAN, sat down with Connor Ward, Account Executive at Beck Technology, to discuss some of the most common preconstruction challenges he’s encountered throughout his career and how taking advantage of emerging technology helped him discover innovative solutions to these challenges. He also talked about the importance of developing collaborative partnerships with software vendors, and why it’s beneficial for companies to embrace technology as a step towards enhancing their preconstruction offerings.

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Estimating Life with McHugh

You’ll definitely want to hit the play button on this month’s webinar. Doug Maiden, Manager of Professional Services for Beck Technology, sat down to talk with Dave Bartolai, Vice President of Preconstruction at McHugh. Dave shared his team’s experiences in transitioning from a primarily Excel-based estimating system to a database-driven system, some of the challenges they encountered during that implementation, and how they were able to collaborate with Beck Technology to overcome those challenges. Dave also gave some tips for successfully implementing a new estimating system, as well as where he sees technology taking preconstruction in the future.

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Estimating Life with Sundt

This month’s webinar is definitely one you won’t want to miss, so if you couldn’t attend, click the link below to watch the full interview. Stephen Stoltz, Manager of Implementation Services for Beck Technology, took a few minutes to sit down with Melissa Love, Senior Estimator for Sundt Construction, to talk about some of the ways using DESTINI Estimator has impacted them as a company. Melissa gave some background behind the collaborative relationship between Sundt and Beck Technology, as well as where they see Estimator taking their company in the future.

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Estimating Life with PARIC

You definitely don’t want to miss this month’s webinar, so if you couldn’t attend, click the link below to watch the full interview. Mike Boren, CTO of Beck Technology, sat down with Andy Leek, VP of Technology & Innovation at PARIC, to talk about some of the highlights of the session they taught at Autodesk University. Specifically, they dive deep into 3D quantity takeoff, and why technological developments in this area are so crucial to the future of the construction industry. As an established thought leader on emerging  construction technology both at PARIC and in the A/E/C industry in general, Andy also shared his company’s approach to innovating with new software, and some of the successes and challenges they have encountered along the way.

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Estimating Life with The Beck Group

This month’s webinar kicked off with a great conversation between Stewart Carroll, President of Beck Technology, and Brent Pilgrim who previously worked for Beck Technology before transitioning into his role as DESTINI Applications Director for The Beck Group. Brent talked about how new technology is something contractors should try to embrace and invest in as much as possible, but always with a good plan in place. Brent explained that onboarding DESTINI Estimator to The Beck Group was such a success because they had a solid implementation plan and kept teams accountable by holding weekly meetings for those using or training in Estimator.

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Estimating Life with Balfour Beatty

Missed this week’s webinar? Catch up at the link below! Doug Maiden, Manager of Professional Services at Beck Technology, sat down with Balfour Beatty’s Senior Estimator, Landon McQuestion, to talk about his role in teaching the other offices at his company about the ins and outs of DESTINI Estimator. Landon shares how he would walk through Estimator tutorials by utilizing conference software as well as in-person visits. He also talks about the challenges of balancing his full-time job as a senior estimator with the responsibilities of onboarding other offices onto Estimator.

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Sneak Peek of Latest Developments: Estimator 2018 2.0

The R&D team at Beck Technology is constantly improving the performance of DESTINI Estimator, and the latest version about to be released is no exception. Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer at Beck Technology, gives a sneak peek of the most recent developments for Estimator 2018.2.0 in this webinar.

Michael kicks off the webinar by noting that there are so many features and updates to Estimator 2018.2.0 it is impossible to cover them all in the short amount of time given. Additionally, he focuses on the fact that some of the more critical features were pushed out early in order to better understand what clients wanted to see the most in this update. Developing features with the customer’s feedback at the forefront has always been at the center of Beck Technology’s software creation.

Though there are a multitude of changes and updates to Estimator, some of the key areas highlighted include modifying line items, moving costs from one estimate to another, and simplified logic in assembly takeoff.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more about these exciting new features!

Estimating Life with Guido Construction

If you missed this week’s webinar, you’ll definitely want to check out this recording. Stewart Carroll, president of Beck Technology, takes a moment to talk with Ted Zimmerhanzel, Director of Preconstruction for Guido Construction Company. They discuss everything from the unique challenges Guido has encountered on certain projects to finding good regional subcontractors in this 20-minute interview.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more on Guido Construction’s unique project expertise.

Or listen to the interview here:

Haselden’s Approach to Successful Implementation

Haselden Construction is a family-owned regional General Contractor out of Denver, Colorado that has been in business for 45 years. Matt Hammer, Chief Estimator, led his team in transitioning from their legacy product (MC2) to DESTINI Estimator, and shares the challenges and the process that he and the Haselden team used to make the change. Developing a matrix system they called “Choosing By Advantages”, Matt and his team were able to narrow down their selection process and determine the best fit for them by ranking features and benefits of each software solution. Once Haselden decided to move forward with DESTINI Estimator, the next step was implementation. Matt stresses the value of the cultural alignment between your company and your chosen software vendor.  With a long-term and close working relationship that will take you from implementation through support and updates, it is important that your teams align.

How did Haselden ensure a successful implementation? They created an internal job description and sought out people to be the implementation leads. As most new software will not operate like a legacy system, there’s a learning curve to get through.  It is important that at the end of the implementation, there’s a firm foundation to what’s been set up within the software that fits the needs of the whole team. One key piece of advice Matt gives is having open and honest discussions and getting feedback from all involved – the user group, the field team, management, IT, accounting.  Do not work in a vacuum. Anyone who may be impacted by the change should be involved in the discussion to ensure the product and implementation is useful and usable for everyone. Matt recommends working with the end in mind as it relates to both the timeline for implementation completion and “Go Live” to begin, as well as what you want the product to look like as you “Go Live”. Know your needs as much as possible by working with downstream departments and be creative.Transition is difficult, so approach it systematically, with an open mind to keep it as pain-free as possible.