Top 6 Podcasts for Estimators

Podcasts have become insanely popular over the last few years. Convince & Convert states that podcast listening has grown 61.5% in the last three years! Podcasts don't require all of your attention which opens up the flexibility of where you can listen to a new episode and what you can accomplish while you do. The daily commute is always the perfect time to listen to a podcast. Even if you are working from home now and lacking a commute, there is always time for podcasts. Put one on during work to change things up or listen if you’re having a hard time getting motivated for that next project.

Wondering how many podcasts there are to choose from? According to Podcast Insights at the end of 2021, there are over 2,000,000 shows! We could go on and on about the true-crime recommendations (couldn’t everyone?) that make it into our own personal weekly lineup, but we decided to go on a mission of what would help estimators. As a result, we asked our clients, aka estimators, what industry-focused podcasts they recommend. Hopefully, you get some new ideas to add to your lineup!

Top 6 Podcasts for Estimators

Precon Geeks

Launched in March 2023, this is our own podcast dedicated to all things geeky and nerdy about preconstruction. Hosted by Jared Draper and John Reich, the two discuss emerging trends and technology in construction, how to deal with common challenges in precon, and interview industry insiders. 

The Preconstruction Podcast

Shoutout to Gareth McGlynn for this one. He is a wealth of industry knowledge for us and one of our star-studded partners from Niche Specialist Staffing Partners. Gareth interviews general contractors and tech leaders so that each listener can learn from what worked for other companies and what did not work in their own preconstruction process. Nothing is off the table. You will get tactical tips for your team to apply!

 The Contech Crew

The name says it all…this podcast is for all things construction technology related. Every week there is a deep dive with an industry-related guest and a short segment on the construction tech news of the week. How could we not be a fan of this one when their first episode of the new year is titled “Putting Excel Out to Pasture?” If you geek out over construction tech this one is for you. We got our feet wet in the podcast realm in 2020 with these guys. You can hear Stewart talk about data & other sacred cows here.


Architect, Evan Troxel, interviews special guests with conversations centering around the co-evolution of technology and architecture. Even though this isn’t construction-focused, it is important for estimators to get a better feel for what the thought leaders on the design side of the fence are talking about.

The Construction Dorkcast

The name alone should make you want to listen to this one. Their tag line is “get your construction nerd on”. Everything from peer group collaboration to BIM standards, they tackle specialty trades and general contractor’s processes. This will resonate with any estimator or anyone in the industry.

Bridging the Gap

Todd Weyandt is on a mission to move the AEC industry forward and not keep us stuck in the past. There is a reason this show was named best construction podcast in 2020 by Construction Junkies. Todd is able to have an insightful dialogue with all the big names in the industry. He focuses on problem-solving and embracing innovative techniques. Click here to check out our very own Stewart Carroll on this one!

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