Standardization: How Does It Impact Winning Bids?

Focusing on standardizing technology will increase jobs and close the education gap to result in improved productivity. Firms that standardize their technology and their software across branches enhance internal communication and collaboration and open their potential for recruitment. A winning combination of good internal communication, easy collaboration, and reduced errors and high productivity will result in more bids.

The construction industry is suffering from a lack of skilled workers and the possibility for growth lies in the opportunity for new technology that can innovate the current team structure. Innovative software gives firms an opportunity to increase jobs and close the education gap in the construction industry. Contractors are struggling to find qualified workers and construction professionals who are equipped with the right degree or skill set. The plain lack of employees hinders progress during each stage of preconstruction and construction. According to data pulled from industry trends, project design aids such as building information modeling (BIM) and document management software allow contractors to meet their labor demand.

Seamless internal communication speeds up the estimating process and reduces mistakes. An integrated platform allows for more collaboration too. Interpreting a client’s vision takes teamwork and cooperation so a platform that is totally interconnected is important to achieve clarity. When one estimator works on the project, if the project is stored on one platform, it’s easy for another estimator to pick it up and continue working. An abundance of estimating programs within the same firm makes it difficult to work on different projects because the estimators have to change their mindset for each software.

Along with the benefit of improved internal communication, connection with other firms using the same software is also easier with an integrated approach. Increasing the technology availability and modernizing a team can improve the probability of winning bids in so many ways.

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