Integra Development Group Selects DESTINI Estimator As Preconstruction Solution

Beck Technology, a leading software and service firm for the commercial design and construction industry, announced that Integra Development Group has chosen DESTINI® Estimator as its new enterprise-wide preconstruction platform.

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Integra Development Group has been active in the construction industry since 2009. The company has accomplished a variety of projects across different markets, including the healthcare/senior living, corporate spaces, and hospitality markets. Integra Development Group also prides itself on offering an integrated design-build delivery approach towards its projects.

The multi-year enterprise agreement will enable the company to utilize DESTINI Estimator in all of its preconstruction efforts.

"We were looking for a user-friendly software that was fully integrated so that we could save time used to manually copy and paste data from Bluebeam," said April Bernstein, Vice President at Integra Development Group. "We were excited to discover DESTINI Estimator and the solutions that it offers. After an in-depth exploration of the software with Beck Technology, we believe this is a platform that can evolve and adapt to our needs accordingly."

"We believe that the success of preconstruction technology depends on the alignment of the software vendor and the client," said Cameron Kannady, Account Executive at Beck Technology. "Integra Development Group sees the importance of developing innovative solutions and embracing technology to keep moving their company forward. We look forward to continuing to work with them."

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