How to Improve Your Preconstruction Process

This case study demonstrates how Balfour Beatty solved common preconstruction problems by switching to DESTINI Estimator estimating software. 

If your company has multiple offices, you can probably relate to one of the world’s leading contractors’ challenges.

Balfour Beatty, a top-ranked ENR contractor, has a global presence but they also have 20 different offices around the United States. Before switching to DESTINI Estimator estimating software, each of those 20 offices had their own way of creating estimates.

With 11 different tools the teams were using, there was no consistency in deliverables.

Balfour Beatty prides itself on being a customer-first firm and are passionate about utilizing the latest technology so they provide exceptional experiences for owners.

However, with the inconsistency in estimates, owners were getting confused. Specifically, there were issues with differences in line items.

Landon McQuestion , Director of Preconstruction and Estimating at Balfour Beatty, realized they needed to make nationwide standards on how estimates were created and presented. Their goal was to establish a single source of truth for building estimates and takeoff procedures.

The benefits were twofold: smoother internal teamwork and faster client updates compared to their traditional approach. Not only would their deliverables look uniform, but this revolutionary solution would allow the precon teams to leverage their construction data.

One of the biggest bonuses of implementing DESTINI Estimator was how easy it was to train and mentor junior estimators. Because there were no standard operating procedures, junior estimators had to learn how to do estimates in many ways.

With DESTINI Estimator, Balfour Beatty U.S. is now able to analyze and compare projects, streamline and standardize their process, present attractive and defendable estimates to owners, as well as collaborate across teams much more effectively.

To read more about how Balfour Beatty has been able to deliver better on their promise and goals by switching to DESTINI Estimator, click here. 


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