3 Reasons to Move to One Centralized Estimating Platform

Even if you’re ready to leave the world of shuttling data across multiple estimating tools, wasting precious hours in the office to check and double-check numbers when you could have been home with your family, it’s not always easy to make the plunge and go all-in on one platform. So why should you move to a single centralized platform anyway? Well, here are just a few reasons.

Save Time

The biggest advantage of moving to just one estimating platform is that you’re able to save hours that might have previously been spent laboring over making sure you have the correct numbers or having to abruptly stop a task in one tool and jump to another to complete it. And when work that used to take half a day turns into just a couple of hours, what does that mean? Not only can you get home in time for dinner, but you can also put more effort into higher-value preconstruction activities.

Increase Collaboration

When your team is all on the same page—no matter what office they’re working from or what project they’re on - it’s that much easier to come together and collaborate on difficult challenges or new ways to tackle an inefficiency.

Improve Accuracy

One of the best reasons to go all-in on just one estimating platform is that you won’t have to manually check and double-check data as often - instead of having to shuttle between one tool for takeoff and another for output, you can access everything under one hub. Recently, one of our clients, the Korte Company, decided to move to use DESTINI Estimator 100% for all of their estimating efforts - and they cited DESTINI’s integrated 2D takeoff feature as a major motivation.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to learn more about what switching to a centralized estimating tool could do for you and your team, just click the button below.


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