How to Add and Modify Cost in DESTINI Estimator Automatic Pricing

“Automatic Pricing is a game-changer…” - Landon McQuestion, Director of Preconstruction and Estimating, Balfour Beatty. 

Building a project on time and on budget just isn't going to cut it for project owners anymore. Now, they also want general contractors on the forefront of revolutionary technology and materials. If you’re still handing over stacks of inconsistent spreadsheets and PDFs, a modern owner is likely to pass you over. And forget having the time to value engineer a project…you barely got your estimate over to them in time in the first place.  

Beck Technology’s purpose is to help precon teams resolve problems before they occur, assess and mitigate risks, and present accurate conceptual estimates to owners on time. We do this through our suite of preconstruction software developed by folks with experience in construction and technology.  

Our latest solution comes in the form of a new DESTINI Estimator feature called Automatic Pricing. It cuts your estimating time in half, so you truly have the time to add extra value to owners and make the best data-driven decisions for every project.  

With Automatic Pricing, estimators can perform takeoff and apply pricing in one process. In the following video, Michael Boren, Beck Technology’s Chief Technology Officer explains how to add and modify cost in DESTINI Estimator.  

Besides this time-saving benefit, DESTINI Estimator also offers:  

  • A simple user interface 
  • Productivity tracking 
  • Real-time multi-user updates 
  • Support for system-level quantities from BIM 360 
  • Historical cost database 
  • Comparison reporting and unlimited sorting 

Watch how to add and modify cost in DESTINI Estimator through the Cost Database and Cost Information Views in the video below:  


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