Excel Users Switching to Estimator

Pros of an Excel User using Estimator (Facebook Post)

Excel is excellent software for creating spreadsheets and offers flexibility; however, a preconstruction estimator's job demands more than just the equations functionality Excel offers.

If you are dependent on Excel for estimating, you also depend on multiple other tools to complete your estimates. And any time you must juggle multiple software that doesn’t talk to each other or integrate, you introduce the risk of losing information resulting in errors on estimates. Not to mention the time wasted on copying and pasting. Time you could be spending chasing new projects and analyzing data to make better business decisions.

Excel doesn’t:

  • Provide a way to capture data as you receive it
  • Grab a baseline for conceptual estimations
  • Allow for benchmarking
  • Explain where quantities come from
  • Have customized reporting

Further, starting from scratch with each new estimate means you have no way to document and compare cost history. Excel is great for what it is designed to do but has so many limitations when it comes to the needs of preconstruction teams. We think it is time to consider switching from Excel to a robust, fully integrated construction estimating software like DESTINI Estimator.

With DESTINI Estimator, you can:

  • Standardized one way for all your preconstruction teams to create estimates
  • Work in one estimate all at the same time
  • Perform 2D and 3D takeoff
  • Code common items in databases
  • Create templates
  • Analyze cost history
  • Create customized reports
  • Adjust owner-required bid sheets

DESTINI Estimator features:

  • Conceptual estimating
  • WBS properties, assemblies, formatting, sorting, and filtering
  • Track all data changes in the estimate, project metrics, takeoff, and versions
  • Disconnected workflows
  • Autodesk, Procore, and ConstructConnect integrations
  • Custom reporting and branding
  • Includes in-house support
  • Offers customized training and implementation

To learn all the benefits of switching from Excel to DESTINI Estimator, click the button below.

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