DESTINI Estimator Version Comparison Gets a Boost with Microsoft Power BI

DESTINI Estimator connects to Microsoft Power BI, a data visualization platform, to supplement the comparison view built into DESTINI Estimator so users outside of the estimating software can access data necessary for better decision-making.

Data from a construction project’s different estimate versions are easily visualized, sliced, and sorted through a variety of options. Comparison data can be viewed through various WBS properties and custom parameters giving estimators clarity on changes over time through project iterations.

“The goal of this initiative is to give DESTINI Estimator users a visualization tool like Power BI so that they can easily collaborate with project stakeholders and gain buy-in on project decisions,” said Noelle Rivera, Data Analyst at Beck Technology. “This will allow preconstruction teams to digest project data faster and easier so they can pinpoint variances in project iterations. Through a few clicks, the estimating data is presented in easy to understand graphs and charts that help speed up the decision-making process within the preconstruction data lifecycle.”

“We believe that data should be at the center of decision-making in preconstruction and are excited to provide our customers with a solution to quickly compare versions of the project over time”, said Stewart Carroll, President of Beck Technology. “Our data group continues to collaborate with our DESTINI Estimator users to develop solutions that allow preconstruction professionals to quickly and easily access their own data, leading to better and more informed decision-making. The version comparison solution is the second data oriented decision-making solution built on Microsoft Power BI we have provided to our customers and we are excited to continue to release additional data products to unlock value and improve construction company profits.”


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