Construction Industry is Capitalizing on Integrated Preconstruction Technology

Builders across the construction industry are adopting integrated preconstruction technology at increasingly rapid rates. The use of an integrated preconstruction platform significantly reduces the risk of errors that are inherent with the number of tools being used by preconstruction departments. Integrating both 2D and BIM-based takeoff while supporting unit-based and crew-based estimating with the ability to compare the projects with the company’s own cost history brings significant efficiency gains to the preconstruction workflow.

General contractors and construction management for-a-fee firms are being tasked with producing more estimating deliverables in less time, and in a piecemeal collaboration structure. This industry trend has led companies to search for technology that not only understands this dynamic shift in preconstruction but will also continue to grow as the built environment evolves and encourages collaboration within one platform across multiple disciplines. Since DESTINI Estimator became publicly available in 2015, over 30 companies on the ENR “Top 400 Contractors” list have made the shift to integrated preconstruction technology, including Balfour Beatty, The Korte Company, Gilbane, Layton Construction Company, and Cumming Corporation.

Jason Pelkey, CIO, Gilbane, added, “Moving to DESTINI Estimator is an exciting transition for Gilbane and we believe it will streamline our preconstruction processes which will provide us significant leverage of all our company’s cost history. All of our global and national customers value the vast experience that we have at Gilbane. Being able to rapidly leverage all the data we have created throughout our preconstruction services across our entire organization will enhance the value we deliver to our customers.”

DESTINI Estimator provides a customizable tool that clients can adapt to their specific situation. Additionally, project data is stored in a unified database so that users can look at previous projects for reference on a current one, as well as more easily collaborate with colleagues in different offices. DESTINI Estimator also offers integration with common tools that clients may already be using, such as Excel and Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform.

“Beck Technology continues to be the team that I rely on for preconstruction advancements,” said Chris Wilson, Director at Cumming Corporation. “I’ve worked with them in the past using DESTINI Profiler and have a tremendous amount of trust in their team. Using DESTINI Estimator provides us with a unified tool to use in our analysis of construction costs, which will give our clients better insight into their projects.”

“We believe that DESTINI Estimator has the power to transform the construction industry, and we have already seen so much evidence of that as we have collaborated with clients from across the country,” said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer of Beck Technology. “Each release of DESTINI Estimator is based on client input and industry needs, and we’re very excited to continue to integrate the data underlying all of the preconstruction activities.”

“Preconstruction is where the building process starts and that’s where companies provide immediate value to the project,” said Stewart Carroll, President of Beck Technology. “Beck Technology is focused on revolutionizing the construction industry and we believe that providing an integrated preconstruction platform that allows our customers to proactively provide the best solutions to their customers, increases the predictability of capital projects, while significantly reducing the builder’s risk and increasing their efficiency.”

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