Building Preconstruction Partnerships

Partner in crime, dream team, your Woody to your Buzz. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? But what if that’s not how you would particularly describe your past partnerships…?

Companies like to throw that word around—partnership—to the point where it just becomes a buzzword. It’s used by some businesses in an attempt to build brand authority and legitimacy. However, those companies' 'partners' might not feel like partners at all.

Partnership is a two-way street with goals, honest communication, and mutual trust. Rather than a vendor relationship where there is more of a one-way street investment, partnerships put the interest of the other partner first.

At Beck Technology, we truly do put our clients first. Partnership isn’t just a word the marketing folks like to throw around. We truly believe in nurturing the relationships with our customers by listening to them, helping, and supporting them, and especially further developing our products to suit their ever-evolving needs.

Gilbane Building Company, which continues to have a prospering partnership with us shared their thoughts on our corporate culture, “The responsiveness has been immediate. If they [Beck Technology] don’t have a solution, they get an answer back within 24 hours and if they don’t have an answer in 24 hours, they elevate the issue to the queue and explain the timing on when they think they will be able to tackle it. They are very responsive…and client-satisfaction based.”


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