The Power of Partnership

Beck Technology would not be where it is today without powerful partnerships.  

Our first software was called DESTINI Profiler. Early adopters of this software appreciated its ability to provide historical cost data and encourage collaboration between owners and architects, but it didn’t do everything an estimator needed to do to complete an accurate deliverable to owners.  

So, precon teams were stuck using multiple tools. All of which weren’t made specifically for construction estimating and none of them integrated. Juggling these tools wastes time, and the introduction of risk like broken formulas, missing information, and incorrect data is high.  

In 2006, Sundt Construction, a user of DESTINI Profiler, determined that to grow they needed a more robust system that could incorporate all the tasks their estimators needed to complete in less time and with more accuracy.  

Because of the partnership between Beck Tech and Sundt, Sundt approached us with their idea of developing an all-in-one solution that could let them harness their data, build and organize large assemblies, provide comparison reporting, and even do takeoff.  

It was a lofty goal, but because both Sundt and Beck Tech are passionate about innovation, we took on the challenge. Our partnership philosophy was solidified with this joint venture.  

The strongest business partnerships are based on working toward a shared goal. Partnerships provide new opportunities, encourage innovation, give both companies a competitive advantage, and increase the probability of profits and growth.  

When your business is on the line, you don’t just want to buy software, you want to invest in a partnership. And for that partnership to work as it should, you and your vendor need to align. 

Asking questions about support, training, and implementation are of course important when you are evaluating software, but equally so are questions that many don’t think to ask, like: 

  • “How do you plan to develop your product to help us meet our 5 and 10-year goals?”  
  • “What does your internal tech roadmap look like that will support your product?” 
  • “Culturally, how do you build a team that stays dedicated to your success and the success of your clients?”  

Melissa Love, Projects Control Manager at Sundt Construction, says, “We’re having to produce estimates within days now as opposed to a week and we’re doing a multitude of different types of projects and knowing that in the next five years what’s coming and we’re starting to transition into different building types as well, it’s nice to have a partner like Beck Tech to understand where we’re going and to start building those features now.”  

To learn more about how our partnership with Sundt Construction helped pave the way to building DESTINI Estimator estimating software, click here.  

Click here to listen to our conversation with Melissa.


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