Beck Technology Donates to Khan Academy

Khan Academy logo JPEGThere are over 600 million children around the world who do not have basic math and reading skills. A child that lacks fundamental skills in education does not have the same opportunities to compete in the job market (as they age) as kids with these skills do. According to UNICEF, “each additional year of education boosts a person’s income by 10 percent and increases a country’s GDP by 18 percent.”  It is no secret that being educated opens the possibility doors.  

In the construction industry, you can rise in the ranks without a higher education easily, but without math and reading skills you’re limited as to how far you can go.  

Every child deserves the right to the same high-quality education; however, with discrepancies in funding, location, support, and availability, not every child has access to the same resources. The U.S.-based nonprofit, Khan Academy, provides free supplemental education to everyone around the world.  

By providing free practice exercises, videos, and an app, in and out of the classroom, Khan Academy helps children who fall behind or need extra instruction in math, science, and the humanities. 

In July, Carlos Carbonell, Beck Technology Software Engineer IV, chose the Khan Academy as Beck Technology’s donation of the month. When asked why he choose this charity, Carlos answered:

“I think Salman Khan is doing a fantastic job bridging the education gap between those who can afford it and the ones who need it most. I started watching his YouTube channel back in 2010 and I am so happy to see him, and his team come such a long way producing high-quality videos, tutorials, education apps, and mentoring and learning spaces for free to so many people. One of my dreams, before I die, is helping out a little with my time for such a worthy goal, so far, I’ve been only able to help with money, but any help will do!” 

Every month, Beck Technology donates to a charity, organization, or nonprofit of a team member’s choice. Through our Beck Tech Cares program, we recognize each other’s hard work every month by giving each other virtual high-fives through a project management platform. At the end of every month, these virtual high-fives are read aloud to the company and one person is chosen as an honoree to pick where money is donated.  

Sal Khan founded Khan Academy in 2004 and incorporated it in 2008. In 2009, he quit his day job to work at Khan Academy full time. Now, the Khan Academy includes the Khan Lab School, a physical location in Mountain View, California, and the Financial Literacy Video Series for college students, adults looking for jobs, and other young professionals.  

Khan Academy offers free resources to students, parents, and teachers and is translated into 51 languages, operates in 190 countries, and has over 130 million users. Ninety percent of Khan Academy users say it is more effective than any other online learning platform. 

Because Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization, they rely solely on donations to operate. 

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