Beck Tech Gives to the CHADD Organization

Passion. Innovation. Caring. 

These are our core values, and we strive to have them reflected in everything we do. We built Beck Tech’s culture around them. 

Though we display them through how dedicated we are professionally to changing the world of precon, what we do behind the scenes often goes unnoticed. One of the ways we hold ourselves accountable to the caring value is through our Beck Tech Cares program. 

This initiative extends beyond the construction industry and allows us to care for our communities. Every month, Beck Technology sets aside money to give to a charitable cause of which one employee gets to choose. The employee isn’t randomly drawn from a hat or voted on, but rather nominated through one of our project management tools. 

Because we work from home from all over the country, it’s not as easy to show our gratitude to fellow teammates. Even in a traditional in-office setting, it’s easy to miss how your coworkers are helping each other. And though no one at Beck Technology does what they do solely for getting accolades, it is rewarding to hear “job well done” and “thank you.” So, throughout the month, we encourage Beck Tech team members to give others a virtual high five to say ‘thanks’ through this project management tool when they’ve received a helping hand. 

At the end of every month, we get together for virtual lunch and read each high-five. It is a culmination of giving and receiving high fives that month in which this employee is nominated to choose that month’s charity. 

From large international organizations to the local soup kitchen, every donation symbolizes something our employees feel passionate about. This month, Mario Rosales, one of our software engineers, chose the CHADD organization. CHADD is an acronym for Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. 

Founded in 1987, CHADD provides information, support, and advocacy for people affected by ADHD. 

Mario says, “I chose this organization because I have ADHD, and as a child, my mother really struggled with helping me figure out how to get it under control. My mother would work with the teachers at my school to help them better understand me and give them tips on how to work with me. I wanted to find an organization that provides a ton of resources and helps families whose loved ones have ADD/ADHD, as well as help educators better understand how to work with kids who have it.” 

Click here to make a donation to CHADD. 



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