Attracting & Retaining Talent: Experienced Professionals

Preconstruction professionals who have been in their roles for a while are cornerstones to winning projects and giving great insights on project decisions. Most are “numbers people” in that they love the chase of the most accurate data for the client. They may also thrive on churning through several projects … which equates to adrenaline junkies. There is an excitement in preconstruction and these seasoned professionals live for it.

If construction firms want to attract experienced preconstruction professionals there are some things they can do.

Support Modern Workflows

Invest in efficient workflows. Sometimes that is an investment in technology but it may also be taking the time to evaluate the company’s processes to discover bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Professionals will go to a different company if they feel like their processes/technologies are better. Providing staff with constant training will ensure the workflows to stay modern.

Celebrate Data Analyst

Preconstruction professionals are the first ones to notice cost trends and fluctuations. This skillset requires experience and the tools allowing them to digest data. The construction industry is notorious for manual data entry. This activity takes away precious time to analyze information. Seasoned professionals want to be project influencers and they need a company who recognizes their unique talents. Finding solutions to streamline data entry, using cost databases, and promoting integrated technology will reduce manual entry and will make senior precon professionals quite happy.

Abundant Resources

Senior preconstruction team members are being pulled in multiple directions because their unique skillsets are in high demand. Preconstruction teams that are well balanced with junior team members, forward-thinking managers, and updated technology will give senior precon professionals the one thing we cannot create more of … time. It is a delicate balance within a preconstruction team but if the goal is to bring on an experienced preconstruction person then they’ll be looking for these things before joining your company.

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