DESTINI Estimator Advances Integrated Preconstruction Platform with Addition of Integrated Cost History

The latest feature packed release combines sought after customer enhancements and integrated cost history. The innovative integrated cost history feature set removes the need for time-consuming steps associated with traditional cost history point solutions. 

Beck Technology has released a new version of its integrated estimating software: DESTINI Estimator. This latest release is substantial with new features and functionality that were requested by users of Estimator as well as feedback from innovative industry partners. The larger features include:

  • Historical cost integration with Power BI to view a portfolio of projects’ data
  • Support for on-premises or cloud-hosted central storage of estimates allowing teams to easily locate and manage their estimates
  • Search functions across multiple estimates to assist with comparison of data
  • Versioning of estimates that supports locking versions so it supports historical data analysis as well as creating “what-if” estimates to enhance project options
  • Multi-user support for accessing and working on estimates at the same time including 2D and 3D takeoff while also keeping track of which update was created by which users

“I am excited by Beck Technology’s vision of DESTINI Estimator as a tool for managing the full preconstruction data lifecycle, and they continue to deliver on that vision,” said Greg O’Bryan, Preconstruction Manager at The Beck Group. “Having all my estimates in one place and quick access to past versions and the current version of our projects insures the data lives on to assist future project teams and their decisions.”

“The integration of historical costing will be a game changer enabling us to analyze costs, escalation trends, regional comparisons, soft costs, and project metrics both across versions of an estimate and for comparisons against past projects,” said David Florence, Vice President of Preconstruction Systems and Services at Gray Construction. “The future of preconstruction is spending more time on value added activities and this will significantly aide us in doing this.”

Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer, Beck Technology commented, “This new release of Estimator has been a fantastic collaboration between our users, industry partners, and development teams. Being able to deliver preconstruction data lifecycle information to our customers will change how preconstruction is done. These enhancements allow our customers to make better more informed decisions through the life of their projects and reinforces that we truly want to revolutionize the industry.”

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