Working From Home Tips: Taking Breaks

Stepping back from work throughout the day is healthy. Your brain and body need the recharge to continue to do thoughtful, deep work. It helps to alleviate stress and reduce burnout. Not taking breaks can cause decision fatigue, lack of focus, and may damage your eyes. When working from home you should take frequent breaks. ​​​​​​​

Below are some tips on some recommended breaks:


 Go for a walk and/or exercise.

Walk the dog, go for a run around your neighborhood, play hopscotch with the kids, etc. Being outside and moving builds endorphins which can lead to positive feelings (reduce stress, ward off anxiety, boost self-esteem, and improve sleep).

Work on your hobbies.

Build a Lego village, work on that puzzle, play an instrument, pick up that woodworking project, etc. The work you do in your role may use a different part of your brain than your hobby does. Give the work part of your brain a rest while enjoying that hobby.

Take a noontime nap.

Naps have some great healing benefits (increases alertness and improves focus). Catnaps are good for business!

Meditate to unwind.

There are a lot of helpful apps that walk people through meditation if you are a newbie. This activity helps disconnect you from work and focuses on you through breathing techniques and clearing your mind. Meditation takes practice but worth it.

Have a snack or drink coffee/tea.

Healthy snacks keep the brain pumping out good ideas and great work. Vegetables, fruit, and nuts are good snacks to have on hand during a break. Kicking back for a few minutes with a coffee or tea also helps people unwind and recharge the creative juices.

Doodle like a boss.

Doodling is a super simple break from work. Draw a self-portrait, create your ideal vacation spot, illustrate a legendary space battle, etc. It may be horrible but WHO CARES?! The point is to step back from work.

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