Meet Our Software Support Team

When evaluating software, there are so many things to consider:
1. Price
2. Features
3. Integration
4. Implementation
5. Scale

But there is one very important aspect to choosing the right software that is often overlooked—support.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that programs like Excel, which aren’t intended specifically for estimating, don’t come with customized support. But it’s hard to believe how so many software designed specifically for construction estimating don't come without a dedicated support team.

After spending thousands, tens of thousands, and at enterprise levels, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’d expect more than just a PDF of a training manual. (Yes, this actually happens.) At Beck Technology, not only do we work with you to develop a full implementation plan, we continue to work with you throughout the life of our relationship. We wholeheartedly believe that our level of care doesn’t stop at developing products that make preconstruction easier and more efficient. This is why we make it our goal to extend that same level of care through our in-house support team.

What Beck Technology’s Support Team Does:

• You pull long hours at work? So do we. If you are on a time crunch, we get it and are available to help you sort out problems, even after 5 p.m.
• We listen! Through our Beck Technology Community forum, our support team listens, posts, and responds to your concerns, suggestions, and issues. Not only does it help other DESTINI Estimator users out, but it also helps us make our software better for you.
• We meet you where you’re at—Team’s Meeting, Zoom, phone call, email, live chat…Whatever works best for you, we can respond.
• Mo, our Head of Support, and his team, Hilda and Lamont, are knowledgeable and passionate about solving your problems.
• With a response time of two hours or less, you are never left questioning when we’ll get back to you.

Choosing DESTINI Estimator is choosing a support team that is easy to reach, provides an easy way to report issues, and is dedicated to making your experience with Estimator better.

Our support crew is included in your purchase. We don’t charge you and there is no limit to how many inquires you can make.

Beck Technology’s support team loves what they do…hear it from the horse’s mouth:

What does a Software Support Specialist at Beck Technology Do?


The Technical Solution Analyst reports to the Technical Solutions Manager and is a critical component in delivering exceptional support and service to our clients. This position is responsible for the implementation of technical solutions needed to support all our products. This position is part of a multi-disciplinary team of software engineers, sales, marketing, and implementation professionals who work in concert to ensure the success of our clients. Our technical solution analysts are skilled at proactively supporting our clients by creating community articles, how-to videos, and managing our frequently asked questions. Technical solution analysts are responsible for retaining ownership of cases and proactively following up with clients with updates until a resolution is reached.


  • Must genuinely care about the success of our clients and the people on our teams.
  • Must be passionate about supporting our clients and seek innovative ways to solve their problems.
  • Must complete training on the tools and processes we use and start actively supporting our clients using them within 1 month.

See what positions Beck Technology is hiring for.


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