Korte on Implementing DESTINI Estimator

Poor planning is the number one reason why software implementations fail.  

There are billions of dollars of software sitting on machines that aren’t being used. The amount of time, resources, and the money that goes into software evaluations is just too great to not fully use the software you choose.  

When looking at new software for your preconstruction department, we know that most teams focus on what features and functions the software has and don’t think about what roles other departments, like IT, will play in the onboarding process of said software. And that’s understandable. Yet, implementing a robust system like DESTINI Estimator doesn’t just impact precon. 

You don’t want to fail, and we don’t want you to fail. That’s why Beck Technology’s custom implementation plans are so important during the process of making the switch to DESTINI Estimator.  

Part of the process of choosing DESTINI Estimator is working with us to develop your customized implementation plan and schedule. Within this plan you will receive training classes and certification scheduling and reminders, regular meetings with your Beck Tech rep to discuss performance and receive feedback and help with building up your database.  

The extensive planning of implementation is one of the major differentiators between Beck Technology and other estimating software vendors.  

Multi award-winning Design-Build contractor, Korte, cites our approach to implementation was one of the deciding factors why they chose DESTINI Estimator saying, “We had a high comfort level with the fact that Beck Technology provides a collaborative approach to building our custom database, as opposed to trying to shoehorn in someone else’s.” 

A solid implementation plan is critical to the success of using DESTINI Estimator.  

For more details on how DESTINI Estimator implementation works, click here to read “Implementing New Construction Estimating Software Case Study.”  

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