DESTINI Estimator Improves Collaboration for Russell Construction

ENR Top 400 Contractor and Building Design & Construction Top 150 Contractors, Russell Construction take a customer-first approach to building. Delivering on time and staying on budget are primary goals. One of the ways Russell is successful at that is by focusing on collaboration. 

Proactive collaboration is the name of the game!” -Russell 

For Russell, collaboration begins early in the preconstruction phase of a project. Russell writes, “Through many years of trial and error, we found that silos do not work as well as collaboration. This benefits you because the person managing the project also has a say in how it’s estimated. This results in a more accurate estimate, allowing us to get the job done on time, on budget, and above expectations.”

Russell’s precon team works together with project managers, on-site supervisors, and the design team from the beginning of a project to deliver the most accurate estimate, analyze constructability, and to develop scheduling,  

The precon team’s goal is to minimize risk, identify and mitigate any potential problems, and make the best project decisions to meet the owners’ expectations.  

To deliver on this promise, Russell’s preconstruction team needed to stop wasting so much time fixing broken formulas in Excel and implement a one-stop-shop estimating platform that would allow them to utilize their cost history data, ask better questions, and justify their pricing to owners.  

DESTII Estimator estimating software is that answer for Russell. Not only does DESTINI Estimator allow the precon team to challenge their internal estimates, but they can compare subs and suppliers pricing.  

This powerful, data-driven software helps Russell prevent change orders—a huge reason why they can stay on budget and on schedule.  

Tom Quinn, Russell’s Director of Preconstruction, describes DESTINI Estimator as a “really powerful tool” because of the amount of data captured in Russell’s estimates and the way they can present information to owners are impressive features.  

To learn more about how DESTINI Estimator helps Russell’s preconstruction team reach their goals, read the case study here. 


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