Cloud-Based Construction Estimating Software Removes Environment Challenges

DESTINI Estimator is now offered as a cloud-based construction estimating application which removes the frustration of unique construction IT environments while allowing users to access the estimating software anywhere whenever they need it.

Additional benefits include eliminating hardware challenges while enabling team-based estimating and quantification as well as supporting sandbox environments. A sandbox environment allows for testing new workflows without hindering current projects and gives access to Beck Technology’s technical support team for troubleshooting without needing to open firewalls thereby reducing risk to cyberattacks.

“We needed our project teams to work across multiple offices, and remotely, on the same estimate without the limitations of VPN, internet speed, or varying laptop hardware.  We also wanted to continue our focus around leveraging cloud-hosted content and deep integrations,” said Andy Leek, VP - Technology & Innovation at PARIC Corporation. “We worked closely with the Beck Tech team to develop a solution to host and access ‘DESTINI Estimator’ in a cloud environment, while supporting our ability to connect remote teams, reduce office space, and improve overall efficiency.  Now, if a team member temporarily loses connection, their work is not lost, and once their Internet reconnects, they can continue working without missing a beat.  Furthermore, the cloud-hosting of ‘DESTINI Estimator Teams’ supercharges our ability to establish baseline estimate information in a true project database, and then roundtrip historical information to optimize our future estimate costs and production rates.  It’s an exponential win!”

“COVID has required us to work in a unique environment that is disconnected from the office,” said Mark Beckler, Director of Estimating at C.E. Floyd Company, Inc. “The cloud gives us the flexibility to not have to remote into a server and that is the most beneficial part of it. Additionally, we won’t have to update our servers quite so much and our security is improved. We need our technology to be performant and the cloud is proving to be the answer for us.”

“At Beck Technology, we are always working to support preconstruction teams wherever they are and with today’s changing times we continue to take every step necessary to ensure our clients can be successful.” said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer at Beck Technology. “The construction industry is always looking for ways to thwart risk and by moving DESTINI Estimator to a cloud environment ensures we are helping companies reduce their risks while supporting a reduction in IT spending on hardware and maintenance. It is a step in the right direction for construction companies to improve their profit margin and continue to pursue projects with integrated preconstruction technology.”

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