Innovating Conceptual Estimates using DESTINI Estimator

Matt Sabatino, principal of Sabatino Construction Group, shared how he first came in contact with DESTINI Estimator while at BRPH and the creative way he utilizes the software for conceptual estimates in his current role.

After learning of DESTINI Estimator through research and webinars he attended, Matt discovered it was equipped with the capabilities to allow him to estimate in an innovative, efficient way. After a two-day, one-on-one training at Beck Technology, Matt returned to Florida comfortable with his ability to use the software and sold BRPH on Estimator before eventually using it at his own construction company.

Matt noted the challenges of creating a conceptual estimate using traditional means where estimators often work from a hand sketch and have to make many assumptions with little visual information. Additionally, clients usually want a quick turnaround on estimates, which proves difficult when working without visuals and with many different programs that must each be updated as the project progresses.

Matt found a unique way to use DESTINI Estimator to eliminate many of the issues with traditional conceptual estimating. By applying conceptual variables to line items and linking line items to takeoff elements, the various factors of the estimate are interconnected. When project variables are updated, the prices and line items in the estimate will also update. Matt has made his initial estimating process three times faster by employing these techniques in Estimator.

We invite you to learn more about Matt’s experience with DESTINI Estimator and conceptual estimates by watching the recorded webinar here.



Estimator, part of the DESTINI suite of products, was developed to help solve complex issues within construction estimating. It minimizes the number of steps in the estimating process and creates better project outcomes. This next generation estimating solution allows users to have one cost estimate database from planning through buyout, so the information is consistent and knowledge transfer is seamless. DESTINI Estimator allows the estimate’s line items to have embedded intelligence directly from the building model they were born from.

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