Beck Technology Supports GiveWell

With so many organizations that help support those in need, it can be overwhelming to choose those to whom you give a charitable donation. It can be especially overwhelming and time consuming when researching how much of your donation goes to the cause you want to support.  

Blue and black Give Well logo

That is exactly what the founders of non-profit organization GiveWell discovered when they asked how their monetary donations could make the biggest impact. Established in 2007, GiveWell is a way to donate to multiple charities that save the most lives.  

GiveWell’s operations costs are covered by donations given specifically to keep the organization running. One hundred percent of all other donations to GiveWell go directly to the charity you chose.  

As of 2022, GiveWell has raised over $2 billion to give to the charities they support, saving over 200,000 lives across the world.  

Through our Beck Tech Cares program, we gave to GiveWell’s Top Charities fund, Austin Craft, Beck Technology Software Engineer V’s, charity of choice.  

Austin says, “GiveWell is one of many organizations associated with the Effective Altruism movement. The basic idea is that we can use research to determine the most effective charities per dollar and donate to them. I am a natural skeptic, and GiveWell’s transparency in both their research and their grants eases my mind. Plus, I love knowing that the money I’m giving is the most effective way to save a life.” 

Since we work in an industry that touches everyone on Earth’s lives, we truly are working to make the world a better place. The Beck Tech Cares program affords us the opportunity to give back to the communities we live and work in. Every month, we pick one of our employees to decide which non-profit organization we give to.  

Our Beck Tech Cares winners are chosen by how they demonstrate our core values of passion, innovation, and caring. 

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